The name might have been changed, but deep down inside he’s still Ron Artest. And Ron Artest is the kind of guy who will spend two minutes philosophizing on the brilliance of baby teeth, even if he’s not being asked about it.

Say dental bridge.

(via Los Angeles Times)

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  1. He’s the best. That’s some deep shit right there. I have to admit, I never thought of that.

  2. melissa rolins sounds like a hippy lol LOLOLOL i guess he may be losing his mind

  3. Really trying to understand this one. Is Metta even religious?

  4. @walkerp: adult teeth would have no use if they came in just as you reached your pre-agriculture life expectancy

  5. I can’t wait this year to hear “Another rebound for World Peace”. He should combine efforts with UNICEF or OxFam from now on.

  6. Just. Fucking. Amazing.

  7. @André: He is, just that it is an exclusive religion. To him. Only.

  8. How many times do we have to learn the same lesson?! You can’t ask Metta to cite his sources. Dreams? You think this kind of brilliance just comes to you in DREAMS? No. It doesn’t. This mindmatter is the product of a hard-thinking man.

    Metta for DEEP THOUGHTS 2012

  9. <3

    I wish he was good at basketball.

  10. I really wanna hang out with that guy.

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