Chris Kaman had almost eight months off from playing professional basketball, which is a really long time. More than half a year, you guys.

So how does a dude like Chris Kaman spend those eight months? Doing cool guy stuff. From

“I did a lot of whitetail deer hunting,” he said. “I did a lot of working around the house, projects here and there. Stuff like chopping wood, so many different things.”  [...]

“I did a lot of different things,” he continued. “Building stuff, setting up trail cameras for deer, a lot of different things. And I also worked out every morning before.”

Sure, he also played for Germany’s national team in the EuroBasket tournament, but it was mostly just outdoorsy stuff like hunting, fishing, tearing the guts out of things and being covered in blood. You know, the kind of things that all NBA players were doing with their extra free time.

Oh, did I say “all NBA players?” My bad. I meant just him and Brad Miller. My bad.

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  1. Chris Kaman frightens me more than any horror movie monster ever has.

  2. Excellent bow form!

  3. There’s a staggering lack of camoflauge shorts in those pictures. Brad Miller does not approve of Chris Kaman’s wardrobe.

  4. Him and Brad Miller are basically the only NBA players that matter, so he did the same thing as every other NBA player.

  5. Some people have to use a tree-stand to hunt.
    Kaman just…. er… stands.

    I’d love to see best buds Chris Kaman and Brad Miller on Mantracker.

  6. Trey and Brad Miller in 40 years:

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