Ever since Jason Terry arrived in Dallas in 2004, taking a Media Day picture where he acts like he’s a human airplane has become an annual tradition. Let’s take a look back at these fabled archives.

OK, this is hardly jet material at all. I admit that. But it’s the closest we’ve got to Jason Terry airplaning. Maybe he hadn’t quite figured out his initials were J-E-T at this point. Maybe he just wanted to fit in after being traded to a new team. Maybe there are lost snaps that we didn’t seen that are super aerodynamic.

Whatever the case, this is just the beginning.

Now we’re talking. Full-on jet arms in a group shot, just like how it’s meant to be done. The best part of pictures like this is that Jason Terry stays the same and the cast of players behind him keeps changing. You’re going to see some hilarious faces in a few scrolls.

You knew Mark Cuban wasn’t going to let Jason Terry have all the airplaning fun. Don’t be silly. He set the Guinness World Record for largest electronic transaction while buying his private jet, so this is something he had to do. Plus, once you’ve airplaned with the team’s owner, you know you’re set. Jason Terry is going to be a Maverick for life, just because of this picture.

This is probably when Donnie Nelson realized that one of these two guys was going to have to be moved. Devin Harris is clearly uncomfortable with the airplaning, which just wasn’t going to fly in Mark Cuban’s pro-plane world.

A classic set of Mavericks misfits right here. Just look at the sheer amount of accessories between JJ Barea, Jason Terry and Josh Howard. Dallas’ 2008-09 terrycloth budget must have been astronomical.

In this picture, the photographer — Glenn James, who took all these pictures and must really love airplanes — seems like he wanted to get back to the roots of what it meant for a man to become a human airplane. It was a bold move, but I think it paid off.

Do you think Glenn James is asking Jason Terry to do these poses? Or do they just take a couple of shots and then he can’t resist throwing his arms out and squatting? I can see either of those being the case, and I think I’d like to believe that this is all Jason Terry’s doing. Like he’s just thinking, “You know what? Airplane.”

And finally, this year’s version, which is probably the strangest of all. Vince Carter and Lamar Odom are both Mavericks, Shawn Marion’s got that hair and the majority of these guys are NBA champions. If ever there were a time to throw a completely non-necessary airplane, this was the time.

Good on ya, Jason Terry. Keep flying that arm plane proudly.