In this time of great upheaval, we are seeing so many players switch teams — and not switch teams, what up Chris Paul and Dwight Howard? — that it’s kind of hard to keep track of what’s happening. You go to sleep thinking now is a good time to rest and that you won’t miss anything, then you wake up and Rudy Fernandez is a Nugget. It’s a little overwhelming, even if it’s your job to sit in front of a computer looking at basketball stuff.

With all that movement comes some hilarious pairings, like Vince Carter joining the defending NBA champions to chase a ring or Tayshaun Prince deciding he’s done trying to win anything of substance. But the best of those awkward unities is Keyon Dooling joining Ray Allen, who threw down pretty hard back in 2006. But now that they’re older — and the Sonics don’t exist — it’s water under the court. Here’s Jessica Camerato from CSNNE:

“The Sonics? Is that even a team anymore?” Dooling responded. “So that’s ancient history. I mean, at the end of the day when Ray and I saw each other the next time after the fight, we had a conversation and we embraced each other. At the end of the day, it was the heat of the battle and I have a lot more respect for him. I know he has a lot more respect for me. Sometimes you know a man better when you fight.”

Dag. Sorry, Sonics fans. It’s been three years since there was a team in Seattle and people are Keyon Dooling still uses them as a punch line. Can’t catch a break.

But Keyon Dooling is right. A little fighting can teach you a lot about someone. That’s pretty much what the entirety of “Fight Club” is about and there’s a reason it’s every 16-year-old’s favorite movie. And hey, NFL coaches love when their players fight in training camps because it brings the teams closer. Keyon Dooling is on to something. Maybe him and Ray Allen fighting 19 million blog years ago will be enough to make them a formidable backcourt duo when Rajon Rondo needs a breather. Stranger things have happened.

Plus, even though Keyon Dooling was the one with the mic in his face, he didn’t use the opportunity to rub his victory in Ray’s face. In fact, he played things pretty cool.

“Nobody wins in a basketball fight,” Dooling said. “The NBA won. They got all the fine money. They always win, right?”

Yes, they do, Keyon Dooling. Yes, they do.