With the exception of one particularly noteworthy signing, the last 24 hours have been fairly uneventful. Chris Paul is still a Hornet and Dwight Howard is still … a Magic? Can you even be “a Magic?” Never liked that team name.

Nuggets re-sign Nenê to five-year, $67 million deal
This type of contract is pretty much standard issue for a top 10 center, but I see two problems with this deal: 1. Nenê will be 33 years old in the last season of his deal, and probably won’t be a top 10 center at that point. 2. The Nuggets are probably not much better than a .500 team even with Nenê in the fold. At the moment, however, he’s a very good, high-efficiency offensive player and most Nuggets fans have to be pleased he’s remaining in Denver.

Dwight Howard is off the trading block… for now
The Woj has sources on sources, and they’re telling him that Howard will open the year playing for the Orlando Magic. Anticlimactic, much? It’s going to be fun to see if Dwight’s happy-go-lucky personality will take on a sulky tone early this season.

Conflicting reports: Pistons may or may not have offered Rodney Stuckey a five-year, $45 million deal
Up until Detroit radio host Matt Dery shot down the rumor, it had been widely reported that Stuckey turned down a five-year offer from the Pistons for around $45 million. I hope this rumor isn’t true because if it is, both sides are crazy. Stuckey is essentially a sixth man because he’s not a true point guard and he’s too small to cover opposing two guards — and that’s a lot of cash for a sixth man. If Stuckey actually turned down this offer…

It’s worth noting that Ben Gordon signed with the Pistons for five years and $55 million in July 2009. That was a terrible mistake. Pistons fans should pray that Joe Dumars doesn’t repeat it.

Bucks re-sign Luc Mbah a Moute to four-year, $19 million deal
Pretty good value for a defensive stud in his mid-20s. Now he just needs to develop his jumpshot while the Bucks hopefully find some playing time for him among their multitude of power forwards.

Nets sign Shelden Williams
Going into his sixth season, this will be Shelden’s seventh different NBA team. Tony Massenberg feels bad for him.

Nuggets decline to match Raptors’ offer sheet to Gary Forbes
With this signing, the Raptors have filled out the most underwhelming 15-man roster in the NBA. As a Raptors fan, I’m very thankful for this shortened season.

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  1. I believe the correct term is a Magician. I guess nobody would really take them seriously if they called themselves Magicians. Maybe they should change their names to the Magician’s Alliance and use their slogan: “We demand to be taken seriously.” http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/2923/alliancephoto.jpg

  2. Daniel: I suppose you expect me, in my $9,000 suit, to update this post because of your suggestion? COME ON!

  3. FUCK YOU STERN!!!!!!!!!!!! clippers shouldn’t have given up eric gordon

  4. WHUUAAAAAAAATTTT is going on in los angeles?!?!?!?!?! clippers, are you INSANE?!?!? HOW MANY POINT GUARDS CAN A FRANCHISE POSSIBLY HAVE? did david kahn take over the clips front office over night? eric bledsoe, probably chauncey, mo williams, cp3 – are you kidding me??!?!?!?!?!? WHY THE FUCK would you give up eric gordon? dammit i CANT believe it! I am irate right now! what kind of starting 5 is THAT supposed to be? the clippers were THIS close to being a super deep team and now they’re the exact opposite: half a decent center, half a decent shooting guard, a small forward who plays 50 games a season and like 10 point guards of which the best one is going to limp by the time he’s 30. way to build a championship team around blake!

  5. i reeeeeeaaaaaaaally really hope they trade mo williams and maybe eric bledsoe – bless the young ‘un but they can’t trade chauncey and they so need some firepower from the 2 spot. like, for real. i love chris paul but giving up gordon is a desaster.

  6. WHY DID THEY EVEN SIGN FUCKING CHAUNCEY BILLUPS ANYWAY?!?! WHATS GOING ON OVER THERE?!?!?! UGGHHHHH!! if cp3 is going down with an injury for the rest of the season at some point i am going to throw up!
    ill hope for the best in the meantime.

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