I know what you’re thinking — it’s pretty easy to tell the difference between these three cities. And you’re right. You’re so right, man. These cities are pretty obviously different. I agree.

But here’s the thing, it’s still hilarious to hear Danilo Gallinari explain the difference, so humor me. Here’s Danilski, from a Ball In Europe translation of a Gazetta dello Sport interview:

“Yeah, I’m feeling the difference,” says Gallinari. “We are in the provinces here. I need to get used to it. They send you to bed earlier – which is positive – and there is less temptation. Women are less aggressive, you might need to fall in love,” he jokes.

There you go. The main difference between Denver and the Miamis and New Yorks of the world is that the women in the Mile High City are way less in your face and will make you fall in love before you can bed them. My college roommate was from Denver, and he was really chill, so I am guessing this must be true.

And Danilo would know. He’s played in Denver and New York, plus he’s an Italian heartthrob who looks kind of like a young Robert De Niro. If there’s anyone who knows the difference between women in these cities, I assume he’d be the guy.