With the Chris Paul trade situation looming over their heads, the New Orleans Hornets had to know things were going to be a little different at yesterday’s Media Day session. CP3 was excused from participating — probably because David Stern knew he was going to be traded later that day — and that just gave the remaining New Orleansians to really cut loose and go crazy in their photo shoots.

And cut loose they did. Just look at this guy.

That’s Cardell Johnson. He doesn’t even show up on a Google search until the third page of results, but he’s going to be playing for the Hornets in their first exhibition game this Friday. Great hair though.

Marco Bellinelli was there. He says hi.


For whatever reason, the Hornets went really heavy on the props. Maybe it’s because they only have like six guys anyone’s ever heard of.

Quincy Pondexter, however, got in to the spirit.

Like really got in to it.

Like really, REALLY got in to it.

Kinda worried for Quincy Pondexter. Don’t want him to be pigeonholed as “the prop guy.” But he really seems to be enjoying himself, so I guess that is good for him. Gloves it up, man.

In fact, everyone seems to be enjoying this wacky photo shoot. Everybody except Trevor Ariza, that is, who seemed to have a “I’m still here?” face going on.

It feels like this picture was taken the very second the Chris Paul trade was announced. Get him some props or something. He needs cheering up immediately.

(via Ridiculous Upside)