There are only like four things I actually remember about Wade Boggs.

  1. Mustache
  2. He played for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays when he got his 3,000th hit
  3. Loves chicken
  4. He once hurt his back putting on cowboy boots

The dude’s a Hall of Famer, and to me, one of the most notable things about him is that he missed games because he really wanted to wear some snakeskin kickers. But I guess that’s life when you get injured doing something hilarious. Sneezing Sammy Sosa knows what I’m talking about.

And so does Manny Harris, who you might remember is a swingman for the Cleveland Cavaliers. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Guard Manny Harris will miss at least two more weeks with a burn on the outside of his right foot, Scott said Wednesday. [...]

His agent, Henry Thomas, said in a text: “Manny sustained some sort of freezer-type burn on his foot before he headed to training camp.” He offered no other details. Harris does not have a guaranteed contract.

Yikes. It’s bad enough when freezer burn ruins your peppermint ice cream when all you’re trying to do is get in the holiday spirit, but when it makes you miss basketball, that seems like it’s even worse.

But the worst part is the end part, that part where it says “Harris does not have a guaranteed contract.” That means he might be out of a job because he needed some ice on his foot.

“I said, ‘Oh, my God.’ I told him there is no way you are going to be able to go through training camp,” Scott said. “It’s the same situation [as with Davis] if there hadn’t been a lockout we could have handled that a whole lot better. He probably would have been a whole lot better by now.” [...]

“[I'm] hoping [Harris] will be able to participate in practice, but it’s hard to make the team if you’re not on the floor,” Scott said.

There are 18 players remaining on the camp roster. Assuming the camp invitees are waived, Harris likely would be part of the 15-man roster as long as no other players are acquired.

“It would be a shame to let go a guy if he didn’t have a chance to fight for his job,” Scott said. “But the bottom line is we have to make decisions and we have to make decisions for the good of the team.”

There is probably no worse way to lose your NBA job than having freezer burn on your foot that could have been healed if there wasn’t a lockout. Well, there are probably worse ways, but this one is such a bummer.

It’s just so preventable. 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off with the ice and your foot doesn’t turn in to the Northwest Territories. It’s simple.

Plus, if you do it that way, your foot is ready for dinner and you don’t have to wait through a long thawing period when you’re really hungie. Nothing worse than going to throw a foot on the grill and having to wait for the ice crystals to melt.

(via I Am a GM)