During this whole Chris Paul trade boondoggle, one of the reasons you saw the Sternets pushing so hard to have Eric Gordon included in the deal is that, while he’s already pretty good, he still has potential. He’s still learning the ropes of the NBA schedule, he’s still trying to play a full season and, of course, he’s still growing as a player.

Normally when you hear someone say that, they mean a guy is still getting better. But sometimes, it actually means that he’s growing. That’s the case with the Pacers’ Paul George. From the Indy Star:

Indiana Pacers swingman Paul George doesn’t want to settle for just a “late growth spurt” with his body. He wants to grow his game, too.

George, who grew 2 inches to 6-10 during the offseason, is putting in the time to make sure his skills progress. One tactic the 21-year-old has adopted is to routinely be one of the first players on the practice court and one of the last ones off it. [...]

“It’s the extra time you put on the court that pays off down the road,” said George, who also has added 10 pounds of muscle to his lanky 224-pound frame. “I’m ready to take the next step.”

This is exactly why you draft a guy who’s only 20. Sometimes he’ll grow two inches before he begins his second season in the league, while also adding some solid muscle and assumedly maintaining the quickness that made him a lottery pick. Not a bad deal, especially considering the last time the Pacers acquired a super-skinny wing who wears No. 24 on draft night, he ended up having the knees of a 1,000-year-old man. This is way better.

Only bad part is if this keeps happening, Paul George is going to be 8 feet tall as he enters his ninth season in the league. I don’t care how athletic you are, that long of limbs are impossible to control. Just ask this guy.

(via PBT)