We are all aware of the Clipper Curse — and we are also all aware that curses don’t exist because we aren’t 12, but let’s just suspend disbelief for the purposes of this internet web log posting, OK? — but just in case Chris Paul was thinking that playing in Hollywood would be all alley-oops and “City Slickers” references, here’s a nice reminder that he’s going to be fighting 33 years of ignominy now that he’s been traded. That’s tough work, but at least he’s got two healthy legs to stand on.

Oh wait.

(via Arash Markazi)

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  1. this song was made by a bitter lakers fan

  2. Hah traded into such futility?? As if the Hornets were gonna win anything. Ever….

    Nice song tho, funny :)

  3. Very funny.. but seriously.. the clips have a weird history of their top draft picks having knee injuiries..

  4. nice song. would be really cool if every team could have one.

  5. Goodnight Chris Paul’s knees….

  6. Thank goodness Paul was not a draft pick. Time to overcome this curse.

  7. I like this song. It made me smile. It’s actually pretty truthful and I don’t see any malice in it.

  8. Donald “freaking” Sterlin’

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