For the rest of eternity, no matter if the Clippers are good or bad, he re-signs or jets, destroys his knees or plays 10 more good years, the trade between the Clips and the Hornets will always be known as “the Chris Paul trade.” That’s just how it works when one of the best players in the league gets traded. All those other players, the ones who actually make deals like this possible, get pushed to the wayside, like a bunch of empty edamame pods.

But that’s how it goes for these guys. They’re just fillers, even if you are excited for their potential. They get it though. Just check this action from Chris Kaman’s interview with HoopsWorld:

I think the Clippers made a good deal, I mean anytime you can get a player like Chris Paul?  I think pretty much any player is worth the trade in that situation.

Yep. Even Chris Kaman — one-time All-Star and guy making nearly $13 million this season — is like, “Yeah, I’d trade me for Chris Paul too.” That’s how good CP3 is. So good that dudes who have started more than 400 games realize they’re expendable when a once-in-a-lifetime talent comes on the market.

This is the way to go if you’re going to be traded for a superstar. Chris Kaman seems like he’s dealing pretty well with changing locales after eight years playing with the team that drafted him. Sure, that’s probably because the alligator hunting in N’awlins is unparalleled, but still.

(via NBA Offseason)