Sometimes it is weird for me to think that I am exactly as old as the Air Jordan signature shoe line, but I guess that makes it easy to keep track of my age. At least until they switched to the yearly numbering system, post XXIII. Now I have to do all that silly subtraction to figure out how many one dollar bills I should be getting in a card from my grandma. Anyway, that’s a long way of saying images of the newest Air Jordan, the 27th edition of the world’s most famous signature shoe, have leaked. That’s them up there.

As you can see, they definitely take style cues from a couple of older Jordans. The clear inspiration is the XI — something that you’ll see in a lot of Jordan signatures this year, whether it be the Melo M8 or the CP 2′Quick — with the patent leather midsole, but I also see a little Jordan II with that angular line that cuts around the upper. And just like with the Fly Wade 2, the color blocking on these is pretty drastic, which makes things easier to see on TV. Smart, even if it kind of makes these look like basketball wingtips.

Tech-wise, you can see Flywire running through the midsole. Not surprising since Jordan Brand’s top designer is on record as saying they’d be incorporating some of Nike’s leading technologies in their signature shoes this year. Along those same lines, there’s a detachable bootie, just like in the Kobe VII. Not sure if you can wear them by themselves, but if you can, you have all your AquaSox needs taken care of. There’s also removable insoles that give you your choice of cushioning, but those were in the 2011, so no big whoop.

At first glance, I’m not crazy about the 2012. They’re nice, but that line that cuts across the upper kind of makes them look a tad bit late-90s to me. That being said, in person, with the premium leathers and the fact that the past two years’ shoes have been excellent for playing in, I’m sure they’ll be great. And hey, if you don’t like these, just buy the Conchord 11s, which are literally the best basketball shoe ever and release in a week.

A bunch more snaps down below. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

(via Nice Kicks/Ye-Wa)