The best part of Chris Paul getting traded to the Clippers might be Kobe Bryant getting more and more angry that people are asking him about Los Angeles’ other team.

Just kidding. The best part is going to be watching CP3 and Blake Griffin work together. Obviously. But the Kobe stuff is going to be pretty fun too.

You can tell by his goatee that this is the darkest timeline. Really looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

(via I Am a GM)

Comments (6)

  1. Way to keep Community alive, Trey.

  2. The goatee is pretty good but I preferred the angry bearded Kobe circa 2006

  3. Kobe should just go James Harden on ‘em. That and his mean face would scare some folks.

  4. Awesome Community reference.

  5. This post = Streets Ahead.

  6. Funny that on a clip/post about the Clippers, Kobe’s facial hair takes the spotlight… poor Clippers.

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