Growing up as a Bulls fan, Scottie Pippen was always the second-best player on my favorite team. He was one of the 50 Greatest Players of All-Time, a 7-time All-Star and a 6-time NBA champion. Simply put, Scottie Pippen had a great career, which is exactly why he was inducted to the Hall of Fame about a year ago.

Except, as it turns out, there is no Scottie Pippen. We’ve been spelling it wrong these past 24 years. From Esquire Magazine’s What I’ve Learned:

It’s really Scotty. But for some reason, when people see it with a y, they shorten it to Scott.

That’s how they announced me at the NBA draft. Scott Pippen. What was I going to do, argue with the commissioner?

Don’t worry Scottie Scotty. Even if you did try to get David Stern to change the spelling of your name, he’d just veto it anyway.

So yeah, it’s Scotty Pippen now. That only changes everything we’ve ever known about him. Maybe should have mentioned it before now, since I can’t imagine this off-hand comment to a men’s style magazine is going to change the way everyone’s spelled his name for the majority of his life, but whatever.

Our bad.

(via Dime)

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  1. What are the chances that Kelly Dwyer already knew about this?

  2. i feel… betrayed.. DANG! his name is Scottie. That is what is on his basketball card. Just like Mookie is Mookie

  3. Is it Trey? Or Treie?

  4. @Josh:
    You mean Kellie Dwyer?

  5. Did anyone else keep saying scotty until it started sounding weird.

  6. lol at the pic caption Trey, but seriously those in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones…

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