Just watch the first 30 seconds of this DeMarcus Cousins interview and then try to tell me he’s not the early leader for 2011-12 Best NBA Interviewee. Between this, creeping on Donte Greene and him talking about getting fat, he’s putting together a pretty impressive résumé.

Seriously though, mornings are the worst. Especially when you have to talk to Jim.

(via PBT)

Comments (5)

  1. Exactly how much weed did he smoke before this interview?

  2. Haha Tyler. That explains the glasses

  3. That was very Shaq-y.

  4. Did he say, “I’m high,” in the middle of that?

  5. This guy in the most awesomely anti-media darling dude in every interview. I love it. TBJ should ask him some deep questions about philosophy or something.

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