It was 19 million blog years ago that the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA championship. Since then we’ve had an extended lockout, the end of an extended lockout and Jon Brockman growing a mullet. A lot of things have happened, so it’s only natural if you’ve forgotten the Mavs are the reigning champs. It could have totally slipped your mind. Understandable.

Just don’t mention that around Shawn Marion. He’ll be very upset if you do. From the Star-Telegram:

“I want y’all to address me like that from now on — world champion,” Marion said.

Marion is upset that the national media has overlooked the defending world champion Mavs and don’t believe they have a chance of winning this season’s title.

“We’ve gotten to the point where everybody started overlooking us and talking about everybody else and I kind of got [upset] about it,” Marion said. “Y’all trying to take something away from us that we’ve worked hard for and we took.

“Everybody on this team has earned the right to be addressed as world champions, so everybody address us like that.”

Easy, world champion Shawn Marion. I think we all remember when the world champion Mavericks beat the Heat, since it was one of the greatest schadenfreude moments of the year coupled with the delight of Dirk Nowitzki finally getting a championship and Mark Cuban getting all Mark Cuban-y. That was a very memorable moment for a lot of reasons.

Besides, world champion Shawn Marion, the only reason people aren’t addressing you as “world champion Shawn Marion” is because that is a very unwieldy title. It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue or keyboard. It’s not that everybody doesn’t remember that the world champion Mavericks aren’t the world champions, it’s just kind of a given at this point. No one calls him Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin, you know?

That being said, world champion Shawn Marion is kind of right about the world champion Dallas Mavericks being overlooked this season. They’re coming off 57 wins and a title, added the reigning Sixth Man of the Year, a solid backup guard and Vince Carter’s rapidly decaying corpse. Add in the fact that the lockout allowed an older team six months to rest and you can see why world champion Shawn Marion would be upset that a team like the Clippers is being hyped as a contender when not many people are thinking the world champion Mavs repeat.

But whatever, if world champion Shawn Marion really wants the attention that bad — and judging by his hair, I’d say the answer to that question is “yes, obviously he does” — then we should address each and every member of the world champion Mavericks as “world champion [player's name].” It’s just courteous, plus “world champion Brian Cardinal” still sounds hilarious.

(via SLAM)