On today’s NBA ‘cast, Skeets, Tas, and Trey discuss some of the pressing questions heading into the new NBA season, as well as throw out a few predictions. What was the best move of the wild and wacky off-season? Which team benefits most from the shortened 66-game schedule? Who will be the worst team in The Association? And which coach has the most pressure on his shoulders? All that, plus our NBA League Pass Select picks, rookie nicknames, [BLANK] lords a-leapin’, Boris Diaw’s waistline, MVP predictions, and much, much more.

And, hey, let’s hear your answers and predictions below. Happy Holidays.


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  1. ok i admit i have come to peace with the paul deal now after my initial wrath about giving up gordon. still think paul’s destined to go down with a knee injury sooner of later, but well, fingers crossed…

    btw tas need i remind you that you called out russell westbrook as a player you’ll never hear from again after he was drafted way back when, so… easy on the schadenfreude :D

  2. Come on, man! That was a joke! And if The Score’s video player worked, I would find the vid for you so we can laugh about the mistake you made. To be continued when the player is fixed, although, the player’s upgrade is pretty!

  3. Not to be picky, but “eleven lords a-leaping” is consonance, not alliteration.

  4. MVP – Gotta be Durant right? MVPs go to winners (witness last year’s Rose vote) and as you guys outlined OKC is one of the best-suited teams to take advantage of this. Of course there’s also Rose, but I don’t think he’s good enough to repeat since it won’t be a ‘surprise’ if they’re good this year (which I think is the main reason he won last year), so unless they rip off some ridiculous 60-6 I don’t see it. My only caveat is if Wade gets injured for a stretch then I think LBJ might nab it, since he is the best player in the league and all that. CP3 might have a vote-splitting problem as well, since with him there isn’t it conceivable that Blake might average a 25-12 or something along those lines? He seems to me more like a top-3 guy if he manages to get them to improve like everybody assumes.

    My finals prediction is predictable Heat/Thunder like you guys. I wish I could pick the Mavs again, but while I think Dirk could replicate his insane performance last year I’m not sure guys like Kidd/Terry/Marion could, and with Odom instead of Chandler the roster has become an even weirder assemblage of players than last year. Then again if anybody can patch it together it’s Carlisle, and maybe the defensive culture that was instilled last year can be sustained by example even with Chandler & Casey gone.

    My NBA 5 would be: Clips, Grizz are locks. Thunder if they’re not on TV schedule enough. After that probably Pacers. 5th one is tough, but I guess I’d pick Minnesota with combo of Adelman + new talent there. I sort of get the reasoning with the Wiz in that they have the Blatche + McGee show, but the best of that stuff will end up on Youtube anyway, and otherwise you’re just going to be watching a terrible basketball team and feeling sorry for John Wall.

  5. I’d love to see a world where Skeets didn’t put too much pressure on Jason Maxiell and see if he ever developed into an All-Star. Trey’s Mighty Ducks 2 shoutout was a beautiful thing, well done.

    Finals: Bulls – Thunder
    MVP: Durantula
    Worst: Cavs

  6. @ tas touché ^^
    @ predicitons: i’m gonna go and say dirk will win another mvp now that he’s everyone’s darling again, and since the mavs seem kinda pissed about not getting enough attention or respect or whatnot they’ll defend their title – against the bulls this time (thibs is gonna figure sth out for miami). 5 teams i’d watch would be clippers, duh; wolves; knicks; maybe nuggets; maybe thunder. or maybe i’d need another east team… kinda like watching pass-first point guards.. i’ll take the celtics. oh and i’m gonna say blake griffin will battle for the scoring crown this year. 28ppg might already win it for you this time ’round and i think he might (literally) be up for that

  7. MVP – Durant (WildCard, Melo Anthony)
    ROY – Irving (WildCard, The Jimmer)
    WORST TEAM – Raptors :(
    FINALS – Bulls/OKC
    Bulls in 6
    And most importantly, Derrick Williams’ nickname, TimberWill?

  8. What is driving me crazy with Diaw is that he was playing during the lockout ! Ok it was on a division 2 team in France (think he’s share owner of that team or something).

    So, worst team : Charlotte. Teams like Detroit or Toronto have at least some upside with players that will make the diffference on some nights.

    MVP : Durant (like others mentionned, OKC will win a lot this year so…)

    ROY : TimberWill ( @ Andy : love that ! :-D )

    Finals : Dallas / Miami, never underestimate the heart of a champion ;-)

    Leaping : I like the Diandre Jordan prediction, sounds right.

  9. after all the crap from stern this year, i really dont want to give the NBA any of my money for league pass, but its really the only way i can stay in touch and watch games with my schedule. i wish i could boycott… but i have to get that fix… i think im going with timberwolves, nuggets, pacers, warriors, kings

  10. MVP: Gotta be Durant. The have to give him one if the Thunders play solid. Otherwise LBJ. But he needs a great season.
    Rookie: Irving, because he’ll get a lot of playing time
    Worst team: Raptors
    Finals: Save guess is Thunder/Heat … but everything is possible.
    Leaper: Jrue Holiday
    5 Teams (as an European viewer): Heat, Sixers, T’wolves, Pacers, Clippers

  11. Holy shit, “Jan’s Hasenpfeffer And Eggs” got a lion’s ransom of laughs out of me.

  12. Thanks for answering my question guys.

  13. Lion’s share + King’s ransom= Lion’s Ransom… Skeetsism!

  14. ;My teams to watch on league pass would be Blazers, Warriors, Wolves, Clippers, Pacers. Finals could be a repeat of last season but I hope not. I”m a Blazer fan for life but coach that will have the biggest impact is probably going to be Rick Adelman. Watch these kids develop under him. I loved it when he coached here in Portland. This guy makes small market teams better. Denver will be good with Dre back. He makes bigs look good. Best alley oop passer in the NBA. They will surprise people and even the Hornets may surprise people. Another great coach there as well. Blazers are a mystery this season but a good one. I love the potential of this roster. Now a vastly improved bench.

  15. Ok, so as a listener since the audio days, I am fairly certain that Skeets bet was that Jason Maxiel was going to be an all star before Rajon Rondo. No less wrong than the Danny Granger claim, but I’m fairly certain that was it.

  16. ROY – Irving (Wildcard – Jimmuh)
    MVP – Nowitski (Wildcard- CP3)

    Worst team – Pistons

    Finals – Dallas/Miami (This changes to Los Angeles/Miami if Kupchak can pull off a straight Bynum for Dwight in Feb)

  17. @Gregory Denver will surprise a lot of people?! Who do they have?! Most of their guys are in China and Galls is NOT ready to hoist them up on his shoulders.

  18. The Wizards as a team to watch… I really tried last year, but I guess I’m just not masochistic enough. The potential is there, but as a collective they’ve been horrible, horrible, horrrrible.

    I like Tas’ Warriors pick, if only for the colors. Mama, there goes that blue & yellow!

  19. @TBJ – Can you get your fantasy draft results online? for us to learn from you, and also make fun of you

  20. Vesseli is plural for “happy” in Bulgarian.

  21. You picked Zach 2nd round? why? ?

    Can you print screen the entire rounds’ page? So I can understand what happened there…

  22. Next to last pick of the 2nd round, mostly because of ton of keepers were already off the board.

  23. Great podcast! and @ Andy, i love timberWill lol

    MVP = Chris Paul
    DPY = Kevin Love
    Scoring Champ = Kevin Durant
    Assist Champ = Chris Paul
    Rebound champ = Blake Griffin
    Sixth man = Richard Hamilton (hopefully he comes off the bench)
    MIP = Deandre Jordan

    West Top 4
    1. Mavs
    2. OKC
    3. Clippers
    4. Memphis

    East Top 4
    1. Bulls
    2. Heat
    3. Celtics
    4. Pacers

    ROY = Kyrie Irving (Tristan Thompson and Klay Thompson)

    Worst team = Raptors

    NBA Championship

    Mavs vs. Bulls

    Mavs in 5

    Best Basketball Bloh = TBJ (im such a butt kisser, dont let me down)

  24. @Trey Kerby, I hope that does not mean you choose Paul before Labron.

    Still waiting to get your full draft list’s prints screen – I have my draft tomorrow, and it would be great to get a real draft result, compare to the bullshit Mock out there at ESPN, ROTOWORLD and so,,,,

  25. ROY: Kemba Walker. You guys are in a deep sleep on this one. This dude’s swag meter is off the charts. NCAA champ and most outstanding player award, check and check. First preseason NBA game, and he pretty much gets the win for his crappy team. 18 points in 19 minutes played = impressive. Walker’s +/- of +16, and Dj Augustin’s -16 speaks for itself. It wouldn’t surprise me if he pulled a Brandon Jennings, and dropped 50 in a game this year.

    MVP: Bron and Wade with Co MVP honors. I think the Heat will blow out a lot of teams, and those two should get extra rest for the back to back to back type scenarios. They could easily have the best record in the league. If they both stay healthy all season, you gotta share the trophy love, right?

    Worst Team: The Lakers. Of course they won’t have the worse record, but shits going to fall apart for them, and (dare I say it?), AND they won’t make the playoffs! Bynum’s internal getting hurt clock is set to about a month and a half. He goes down, then Pau starts to wear down. Kobe’s already got a head start with with one nagging injury (wrist, nice block DeAndre), and others will probably pile up. Metta is martini-ed up to have a turable year. Instead of filling Phil Jackson’s shoes, Mike Brown will be wearing a pair of velcro Payless behind the sideline. Odom, oh you get my point… Sorry I could care less who the actual worst team will be.

    Finals: Heat/Clippers. This would probably get the highest ratings, so Stern will find a way to make it happen.

    League Pass: Knicks; gotta get it percolating early with Clyde on the mic. You know Melo will be dishing and swishing all season long in that uptempo system. Heat; man Skeets was spot on and had me cracking up. I never watched more than a minute or two of a Heat broadcast before Bron showed up, but last year I managed to get used to (er block out?) that nasally Captain Kirk voice. Thunder; quality basketball. Clippers; Even when they sucked, Ralph Lawler’s commentating would sucker me into watching late night blown out games. CP3 get your bingo card ready! Warriors; Are the best thing about League Pass! Oracle and the fans electrify every home game. Monta provides Iverson type entertainment. Bob Fitzgerald and Jim Barnett are always very insightful announcing, and a true pleasure to listen to. C’mon T’Wolves (seriously that floor alone…) over the Warriors? Skeets. Trey. Quit smoking that bad shit!

  26. Nicknames for Derrick Williams?

  27. Metta World Peace should be just called Metta. Sort of like calling Carmelo Anthony Melo. Derrick Williams should be called Wolfman. Blazers looked really good last night against the Jazz. Young guns were playing well. Chris Johnson is going to shine in the post and Elliot Williams was red hot from 3 pt land with limited minutes in the 4th quarter. Kurt Thomas shut a lot of people up last night with his mid range jumper and all around defensive hustle. Blazers made me proud. Kudos to Chauncey for mvp play his first night as a Clipper. The Heat were idiots for not picking him up off waivers.

  28. bi-”smack you in the face” biyombo

  29. bis ”mack daddy” biyombo

  30. The Nets without Brook Lopez are the worst team. Which will help them heaps with a deep draft class and seeing as they were going to trade him anyway.

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