This weirds me out so much, but I can’t wait for the first time a player tries to hurdle this completely flat patch of paint. My money’s on JaVale McGee.

(via Holly MacKenzie)

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  1. Wet blanket: I think it only looks 3-D from the broadcast angle, not from the floor.

  2. It’s kind of sad that best thing going for the Raptors this year is new paint that looks 3D. Also, is it just me or do the Raps just import anything from Europe, no matter how good or bad?

  3. I noticed by the 2nd qtr of this game that my ears had started to bleed. I promptly switched to football. Thanks 3D sign!

  4. It was painful to look at during the Celts-Raps game. I kept worrying that someone would roll their ankle on it long after I realized that it was purely digital.

    It just looks dumb and accomplishes nothing. What exactly were they going for with it?

  5. Haha, it sounds so funny- “3D modern technology”. Isn’t that just a word painted in kind of italics? For the first time it appeared in German football Bundesliga in late 90′s, I believe.

  6. is technology even the right word for this when i feel i could have done this with my magic markers back in 5th grade?

  7. Meh I think it looked cool. I’m kind of surprised by the amount of attention it’s getting.

  8. This has been done in soccer and F1 for years.

  9. i’ve seen this all over europe and even played with ads like that. it was cool at first but nowadays it’s just doesn’t look 3d to me any more.

  10. Prime planking real estate for Pierre.

  11. Really? must we adopt EVERYTHING from europe? ..

  12. I think we can stop calling it “technology,” it’s just a paint job.

  13. Seriously? With as good as “Augmented Reality” already is in the NFL with the yardage marker superimposed on the field they couldn’t do this digitally? Really? BFD!

  14. What I find hilarious is that, while it does look pretty 3D from the camera, it just looks like an ugly sandwichboard sign.

  15. What is the point of this? The “cool” novelty quickly fades and we’re left with some god ugly design that makes me feel dizzy.

  16. eh I think it looked cool. I’m kind of surprised by the amount of attention it’s getting.

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