I’ve never really been in to the games that come before the 82-game sked, but these past few days have really shown me what I’ve been missing. Yeah, it could simply be a case of “even Tim Horton’s coffee is good when you need some caffeine” — it was a long offseason, we’ve all been jonesin’ for a while — but seriously, there’s some good stuff here.

Check the list of reasons:

  • With each team only playing two preseason games instead of the usual eight, most of the big names are actually on the floor.
  • The “Cliche Drinking Game.” Every time a broadcaster says any variation of the following, one must take a drink: Lost weight, gained muscle, working on “X” part of his game, rusty, finding his legs, getting acquainted with his new teammates, really worked hard in the offseason.
  • Finding out who the real wives/girlfriends are. Attending a preseason game? That is love.

  • Getting your own wife/girlfriend used to seeing basketball on the living room TV again. Women aren’t light switches, you’ve gotta warm them up.
  • Gaining a new respect for the cities which actually get a respectable number of fans out for a “meaningless” game. Again, this may be a case of not having seen the sport for a long time, but hearing the 15,013 strong in Minnesota on Saturday for a Wolves-Bucks game was pretty cool.
  • Seeing the new guys. And, doubly fun, when they give the new guy the microphone duties.

  • Getting a head start on fantasy hoops by learning who is starting/out of the rotation/injured.
  • Getting a head start on the latest fashion trends, like Amar’e Stoudemire’s hipster goggles.
  • And, of course, the latest drinking trends. Wrap it up, boys.