Pretty cool shirt, right? It’s from Daily Thunder and made by Tree and Leaf Clothing — home of the TBJ OKC podcast — and it’s for James Harden, which it’s 100 percent perfect. Harden’s No. 13 makes a B in the word “beard” and he has a huge beard and it just makes so much sense and you love it. You just love it so much, because it’s so perfect.

But here’s the best part that’s going to make you love it even more.

Yeah, buddy. That beard you see in the top picture becomes your own beard when you pop the shirt over your head in celebration. This isn’t the first of its kind, but it’s the first NBA one and that’s why I want to high-five the people who thought this up. This shirt is so good that I don’t even care that you’re going to see a lot of people’s stomachs and nipples in the Thunder crowds when they get their beard on.

You can’t buy this bad boy quite yet, but whenever you can, the price will be right. No matter what, it’ll be worth it. Finally women, children and the less hirsute men amongst us will know how it feels to bask in bearded glory.

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  1. bad ass i want one!

  2. Is this actually for sale yet? I can’t see it on the website…

  3. @Andrew: Umm, from the article…

    “You can’t buy this bad boy quite yet, but whenever you can, the price will be right.”

  4. Yeah I really should read things more carefully. I was distracted by the shirt’s awesomeness.

  5. Burger King sponsoring Getafe during the 2009 season of the Spanish soccer league did it first:

  6. The Burger King one isn’t nearly as awesome as the Harden one. Someone should make more of these with players’ heads on them. The Basketball Jones should consider doing this with their t-shirts. I want one with JD’s mug on it. You could be next!!

  7. Yeah Paul, I know you want one! You want him as keeper too right? KC really dropped the ball there.

  8. Haha great idea, love it!

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