“Some dumba– on a blog came up with it.”Josh McRoberts on being called “McBob”

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  1. LOLOLOL HHAHAHAHA he’s lucky he wasnt name McBoob!

  2. its the subtle Photoshops that are the best… +1

  3. Um no McBobs, Dante and Galante came up with it when you were just a mere peon in the summer league. Stop trying to run away from your scrub roots.

  4. Maybe he could try to change his nickname to “T-Bone”…

  5. I vote for “Koko”.

  6. MC Bobo has a nice ring to it

  7. Have it your way, McRibberts.

    Wait, wrong jingle.

  8. @Jason But he doesn’t play football and his name doesn’t begin with a T. His name…doesn’t begin…with T.

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