With a grainy cellphone shot that’s oriented the wrong way but still shows an awesome play with only 19 people watching in person, this makes me feel like it’s summer again. Here’s hoping Derrick Williams is in the dunk contest with Ricky Rubio as his passer.

That might actually get people to care about the Timberwolves, if you can even imagine that.

(via Canis Hoopus)

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  1. There’s a NBA video that shows that play and other dunks in high quality and better angle. Also, all people were in the other stand, you can see it in other videos by the fans.

  2. Yeah, there were 5000-ish people there. I felt bad for anyone who drove up/over/down from the ‘burbs. It was supposed to be an open scrimmage, but they just goofed around for 20 min and ended it with a few dunks.

    Oh yeah, there was also a dance contest where no one danced.

    And Michael Beasley was acting super Beas-tastic. Michael Beasley = next Ron Ron. I’m calling it.

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