Math is awesome.

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  1. WOw. WOw. WOWOWOWOWOW. OMG! what a beautiful game basketball is… Would you call this a super team? I dont consider them one. but DANG Deandre jordan.. he GOT UP !!!

  2. I loved the Clipps last season, but I’m gonna really love ‘em this season! :)

    Imagine what last year’s team did after the awfuls start… now add Billups, Buttler and CP3, plus older and more experienced Blake, plus a more poised Jordan. There is some math for you…

  3. You think Blake and Jordan would be going “Top this, dude” all year, just trying to out-jump and out-jam each other? I hope they do!!! Probably not call each other “dude” tho…

  4. I definitely think they call each other “dude” while doing that.

  5. F$%$ off David Stern

  6. Trey, I have to agree… I imagine that too. Man I wish there was LP in Bulgaria ://// I have to fish for torrents again :((

  7. Clippers = reason number 1 to buy League Pass :-))

  8. The one handed alley oop was “totally righteous, dude.” This season’s going to be great. A lot of new Clipper fans are going to be exposed to the awesomeness that is Ralph Lawler. We’re gonna get a ton of, “Oh me! Oh my!” yells.

  9. Flex misspelled and meant to write: “F$%$ yeah, David Stern!” Or he just hates basketball. As much as I think Stern and Gilbert messed up the Hornets and the League, I think we have to thank them for this creation.

  10. I thought it would take a week or two, but the Clippers seem to have the rim murdering down in their first game.

  11. Agree with Chris McD. Ralph Lawler is so underrated and should be more known. BINGO!!!!!

  12. CP3 will be the MVP this year. Watch it happen.

  13. Oh yeah, Lob City!

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