… and, apparently, it’s just a matter of time before he angers Griff Tannen and his gang at Café 80′s, takes ‘em on a wild hoverboard goose chase, and creatively gets them arrested for crashing into the courthouse.


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  1. Random indeed…

  2. “Great Scott!” – Dr. Emmett Brown

  3. TBJ, are you guys hosting a THE SCORE Bball Picks fantasy group this year?

    It was fun last year.

  4. @Marky Mark: We are hosting Bball picks. There’s no TBJ league this year, but everyone that signs up will be able to see their rank against Skeets, Tas & Trey. Shoutout to the rest of the Funky Bunch.

  5. I want to challenge JD

  6. Exchange seen with been …

  7. Replace. With. That is.

  8. Best PG ever to dress for the Clippers is a TIME TRAVELER?

  9. Cool, signed up already, thanks Matty-O.

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