After a six month layoff, following a non-season that saw numerous NBA bros playing overseas and during an abbreviated preseason that has each team playing only two games, the main thing for teams has been that their players don’t get hurt. It’s hard enough for a team to prepare for a condensed season with a two week training camp, throwing an injury in to the mix sure doesn’t help.

That’s why Marcin Gortat breaking his thumb in last night’s game against the Nuggets made the Polish Hammer so mad. And sarcastic. From his Twitter:

Great start!!! Lost game and broken thumb!!! Awsome….last thing i need right now!!!!

Classic adding insult to injury situation right here. Nothing worse than losing a game, getting hurt and knowing it’s the worst possible time to do so — four days before the Suns’ season starts — all in one fell swoop. Sucks for the Suns. Sucks for Marcin Gortat.

But it’s not all bad though.

I got to say one thing free throws looks better with broken thumb than with a healty one:(

As we all know, free throws are one of the most efficient shots on a basketball court, so maybe this will work out perfectly for the Suns. This could actually be really good for them. Sure, he’s the Suns’ starting center, which is kind of like a big deal in the NBA, but still. Broken thumbs for everyone. Merry Christmas.

(via I Am a GM)