Break out the eggnog, Grandma! We’re divin’ into the TBJ time capsule! For example, take a look at this lil’ ditty from two years ago: “The Basketball Jones brings you seasonal NBA cheer with all your favorite holiday classics you didn’t know you loved yet! Learn the words, embrace the songs and don’t stop wassailin’ til you get enough.”

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  1. Radio and TV keeps pouring reruns and reruns, the same songs every damn year, same dumb christmas movies all the time….. Please Jones’ers, do something new for this holiday season, please. Not you too.

  2. Fuck that.

  3. All-time classic.

  4. I love this. Who wrote these songs?

  5. C’mon, you know Bonner is not the greatest Raptor. Hint: starts with an ‘A’ and rhymes with ‘rroyo’.

  6. Ha ha ha! Now that was classic! I think you guys just took it to the next level!

  7. The Jones wrote this song!!!

  8. Hey Skeets, I hope I didn’t offend anyone… I was just playing around :))

  9. Not at all, Stefan. I was just jokin’ around, too.

  10. Whew.. got worried for a second :)

  11. Missed this theme

  12. a true 2 towel performance

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