If you thought that was kind and/or impressive, wait ’til you see Amar’e Stoudemire help Deron Williams get up to the top bunk. What a sweetheart.

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  1. Cute. The over-aggressive shout and Shawn Kemp splits were also appreciated.

  2. It’s amazing how many people still record their television with a camera.

  3. That’s actually pretty cool of Amar’e.

  4. this is pretty much the same thing he did to Bogut only Bogut fell on his arm all gross….

  5. MK, you just broke my brain with that video.

  6. @ MK

    NOoooooooooooooooo im grossed out! its one of those things where you want to look but you shouldnt.. wow

  7. Hah, the slomo replay shows that DWill was gonna jump even after Amar’e gathered himself to jump as well for what could have been a block I guess…. You think DWill thought “Oh no, I’m gonna die.”? No way he knew what was gonna happen, right?

  8. Amare’s defense is so bad that he actually helps the opposing players score by giving them a little boost. I’m pretty sure D’Antoni (aka the Pringles mascot) would approve if it meant getting the ball down the court on the offensive side faster.

  9. Now that’s romance. The NBA’s “Dirty Dancing” moment right there.

  10. @MK: +1 for the Bogut video. Totally awful, yet somehow appropriate since it is the complete opposite of the happy video above.

    As for Amar’e, at least he has one thing in common with KG: he defends the basket the same way before and after the whistle.

  11. Exactly, Indy. It’s unlikely Amar’e heard the whistle.

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