These two videos are all you need to know about JaVale McGee. Up top, you’ve got the incredible highlight followed immediately by a hilarious — and completely unnecessary since it’s preseason — staredown of a rookie. Down below is the groan-inducing lowlight followed immediately by a loud, hilarious obscenity.

This is JaVale McGee and this is why the Wizards are a must-watch. No team in the league gives you higher highs and lower lows on a play-to-play basis. They are the NBA’s yin yang, which you’re free to get airbrushed on a t-shirt if you happen to be a sixth grader in 1995.

Comments (2)

  1. I think the staredown comes from the hand in his face, I mean not in, on his face literally. Still A lot Javalesque of course… ;-)

  2. I liked the reverse DrJ-esque swoop under the basket. I can’t recall if it was followed by another dumb move tho.

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