It’s the holiday season, whoop-de-doo. So we’re taking a tiny break to drive cars perilously long distances across snow-covered roadways, see our families and watch five basketball games when we should be reuniting with our loved ones. I assume you’ll be doing the same.

That means posting is going to be lighter than usual, though we’ll still have a few things trickling out here and there. Hey, it’s not our fault the NBA locked out its players and decided to start the season when we should all be playing with our new toys.

On January 3, everything starts up for realsies. The daily show and the blog both return then, both upgraded to celebrate 2012. You guys are going to love it.

Till then, have a great holiday season. Hope you like the sweater your mom got you.

Comments (12)

  1. HUGE mistake not making Matt the infant.

  2. JD almost looks like he wasn’t even shopped into the picture…ooooooooor maybe he wasn’t.

  3. 4 Clippers games until TBJ returns. Just saying.

  4. > HUGE mistake not making Matt the infant.

    I was about to post the same thing. Sorry Matt… :P

  5. Wanna know how I figured out the pic was photoshopped? It wasn’t Trey as baby… it was the fact that Tas is in a Cardy and a DEEP V-neck T, but no chest hair. I call BS on that. Unless he waxes for the Christmas season.

  6. But, I do always wear 3 layers that emphasize my man boobs.

  7. Happy Holidays Jones!

    I see your Williams Brothers and raise you one Andrews Sisters:

    Skeets needs a beard for Christmas. He looks adopted in that pic…

  8. That is hilarious! Even funnier having Trey as the infant.

  9. That’s an ugly baby

  10. Happy Holidays guys! wow no mention of homosexuality in the comments yet!

  11. Lincoln just looked a this, pointed at Trey and said “that looks like Baby Jesus.”

    Must be the beard.

  12. I guess Baby Trey is a big Jason Terry fan, he’s airplaning!

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