I vacillate between which NBA play-by-play man I appreciate more: Marv Albert or Kevin Harlan. After Kevin busted out this sick impression of Burgess Meredith as Batman villain “The Penguin” last night, I’d say he gets the nod for now.

Fist-bump to @jose3030 for capturing this magic moment. Follow him on Twitter so you see videos like this before we post them.

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  1. More great commentating from Kevin Harlan from the same game.

  2. tt: Thanks. Just tweeted that.

  3. That was hilarious! thanks for posting

  4. So when are you guys just going to employ Jose3030 here on TBJ?

    He’s definitely worth following on twitter though. The guy manages to crank out videos of nba stuff about 5 minutes after it happens in-game. It’s pretty impressive.

  5. Where are you guys? Whens the daily breakdown gonna start back up?

  6. @Moe
    They will start on Jan. 3rd.

    On Topic, that was awesome and Harlan/Albert are definitely the two best play-by-play men in the league.

  7. The “Metta…. World….. Peace !!!! ” scream on the dunk was also gold :-)

  8. Kevin Harlan really really needs a soundboard (like Gus Johnson).

    One of you techy guys needs to get on that immediately.

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