You guys probably saw that Sean Williams puked all over the place in his first NBA game in nearly two years. Why wouldn’t you keep tabs on a thing like that? Super gross vomit-y stuff is why we all love the game of basketball as much as we do.

But anyway, the puke. Williams wants everyone to know the real reason why he spewed, because it’s important that we don’t get the wrong idea about his barf fest. From the splendidly named Earl K. Sneed of

Sean Williams told me to tell everyone he’s not out of shape. He ate too many chocolate covered almonds.

It was the first time he’s had chocolate covered almonds in about 2 years. They were so good he couldn’t stop eating.

Oh, good. This clears everything up. Getting sick from eating too many chocolate covered almonds immediately before returning to the NBA after flaming out in your first stint is WAY better than being out of shape. Really glad this is settled now and we can all move on with our lives without worrying that Sean Williams hasn’t had any chocolate covered almonds in the past couple of years.

The bad part now, however, is that he probably won’t eat chocolate covered almonds for another few years because he threw up the last time he ate them, which is a totally natural response. But in two more years, he’ll think he can handle chocolate covered almonds before a game, only to blow chunks on court again. Then he’ll take two years off, then vom again and so on and so forth. It’s a vicious puke-y cycle that is totally unavoidable.

One last thing, Sean Williams’ new nickname is “Chocolate Covered Almonds,” but you probably already knew that.