The Basketball Jones FAQ

When does the daily podcast return?
“The Fix” returns January 3rd, 2012 at 10:30 a.m. (EST/UTC -5). As always, Tas and Skeets will discuss the major games and story lines from the night before, with a mix of in-depth analysis and irreverent humor. “The Fix” will run Monday to Thursday, recorded and broadcasted live on The Score’s website.

Hold on, hold on. It’s live?

What do you mean?
We take pride in adding a new twist to The Jones with each new season, be it making the leap from weekly to daily, audio to video, or a condo game room to a full-blown studio, we like to keep shit fresh. So this year, we’ll be recording “The Fix” live — at 10:30 a.m. EST — with an entire production crew. That’s right, not only will you get to see every inevitable fuck-up as it happens, but you’ll be able to tweet it in real-time with the #TBJ community.

But what if I can’t watch “The Fix” live? Will it be posted online after?
Of course. We’ll embed the entire show on our blog using YouTube’s video player this year (you can subscribe on YouTube here), as well as have it available in both of our iTunes feeds (audio and video).

Are you still doing “The Overdose?”
Yes. Similar to last year, Skeets, Tas and Trey will record the hour-long, audio-only podcast on Fridays. We’ll discuss the week’s biggest stories, talk to a cast of NBA writers and bloggers, answer some of your mailbag questions, and generally just have a grand ol’ time. It’ll be posted around 1 p.m. EST.

Is it true The Jones are hosting “Court Surfing” on The Score this year?
Absolutely. This only applies to Canadians, but, yes, Skeets and Tas will guide viewers through the most exciting NBA games of the night on The Score television network. Check out the entire “Court Surfing” schedule here.

And what can we expect from the TBJ blog in 2012?
With Trey Kerby running the show? Laughs, bro. Lots and lots of laughs. But we’re also very excited to unleash a brand new cast of TBJ contributors, which includes, in no particular order: comedian Chris Gethard (with general NBA commentary), Sham Sports’ Mark Deeks (with transaction analysis and trend examinations), 48 Minutes of Hell’s Graydon Gordian (with Xs and Os talk and media commentary), Dennis Velasco (with fantasy basketball insight), Scott Carefoot (with immediate news reaction pieces), and Andrew Unterbeger (with long form pop culture posts). Can you say “Murderers Row” or what? Hot damn!

What’s the name of that song you play before the show/during the intro/during the break/at the end?
We get all of our tracks from either APM or Jingle Punks. Both are music services used by The Score. These services are mainly comprised of songs which are created by composers who are trying to emulate a certain type of music, which means they are not produced by actual bands. These are the tracks that you guys ask about:

  • Theme Song: “Bones Attack” by the Meligrove Band.
  • End Song: “Love Letter” by the Easy Access Orchestra.
  • Bumper: “New New Hotness” (“We’ve been doing work since Ernie and Bert…”) by V!RTU.
  • Bumper: “Those Feelings” (“You’re still giving me those feelings…”) by Fiasco (NSFW).
  • Bumper: “Divy Up” (“One for the money…”) by Messiaz. This is a fake band on
  • Stepping on the Beach: “Dirty Talk” from APM.
  • Pre-Show Songs: All of these come from APM.
  • Trivia Time Music: “Mambo Jive” from APM.

Anything else I should know about?
That we love you. Seriously. We appreciate the privilege of writing and talking about the NBA for a living and realize that without your support, we just simply wouldn’t be. Thanks for all of the clicks, comments, retweets and Facebook messages. Respect.

Comments (24)

  1. Any plans to occasionally release shows in the “Blank” Jones format? I know the 2nd half of the overdose usually gets pretty random anyways but it was cool just hearing you guys go off on tangents for an hour about random stuff that was non NBA.

  2. I don’t find Trey Kerby funny one bit. His low quality sense of humor only ruins TBJ for me.

  3. That was hilarious, Mike.

    Glad to have you back, guys. Can’t wait.

  4. someone send mantracker to hunt and take care of Michael . . .

    (this is a joke, we all know mantracker has more important people to hunt)

    live is dope and the fact that you guys will post after is great


  7. Well I’m glad you guys will be back soon.

    @ Michael, well just ignore his posts if you don’t like him. I’m not a huge Trey Kerby fan but he still manages to make me laugh from time to time.

  8. I am THE BIGGEST Trey Kerby fan. I only eat tacos as a sign of respect.

  9. I’m excited to hear about the new season of TBJ goodness. Most pleased to hear that The Overdose will be back in full effect. I love dem shits.

  10. OMG, live ? I see gold in 2011 ! Can’t wait to get my daily fix back :-)

    I didn’t listen to the overdose last year and i thought Trey was kind of uneven in his humour posts (sometimes really funny, sometimes not). But since the Blank jones and the NSR Tour, which I really enjoyed, i came to 2 conclusions :
    - I missed something not listening to the overdose,
    - Trey is awesome and really funny !

    Who am I to say that but, maybe he tries too hard sometimes ? Keep it short and simple ! ;-)

  11. Trey Kerby is a hilarious human being, keep up the good work!

  12. Is there no more live show on the Score on Thursday night?

  13. Cool to see Mark deeks on there. Good addition
    I hope he can put some of his awesome anagrams to good use here

  14. Xiao — That’s correct. Though, in addition to “Court Surfing” (on some Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday nights), you’ll see our ugly mugs on The Score daily with elements from the daily show — Crossfire, Mailbag, Wanker of the Week, etc.

  15. So now I have to get up at 7:30 and watch the jones before work.

  16. @Casey, you could of course wait for the Youtube version or the iTunes version, but we appreciate your commitment. See you in the morning!

  17. Are you guys going to have a Bball Picks group?

    Has anyone mentioned that Skeets’ hands look like spiders? I can’t remember if it’s been talked about…

    I feel like it has been.

  18. will matty o and JD still have mic time on the overdose? (i most certainly hope so!)
    oh and btw i also wanna know if there will still be blank joneses once in a while – that format was fucking brilliant and i already miss it

  19. Chris Gethard and Andrew Unterberger? Wow, that’s a lot of Philly flavor. I like it!

  20. So when you’ll go live, it’ll be around 6:30 PM here… sounds perfect!

    Plus, maybe Tas won’t be late so much with a later start XD

  21. What will you guys be using to stream the show live? I’m wondering if I could catch it from my phone on my morning commutes (That would be awesome!)

  22. Best post in TBJ history.

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