Nets rookie forward Dennis Horner looks a lot like Chris Rene, the guy who finished third in Simon Cowell’s “X Factor.” That is the point of this post — nothing more, nothing less.

I’m just so proud of myself for seeing the connection.

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  1. So… this is TBJ’s first post of the new year?

  2. Yep, that’s why we love TBJ ^^

  3. no comment. not long enough? no comment

  4. clicked on the mathmaticized tag…good fun.

  5. @mark – Yup. Gearing up for tomorrow – start of a big year.

  6. he looks even more like andrew ference

  7. He looks like his mama had a glass or two when she was pregnant.

  8. dr. andre nosick from the league?

  9. your an idiot, they look nothing alike, so idk why you are so proud of yourself. Most people are proud of themselves when they actually accomplish something like graduate from school or serve their country, no point out meaningless things like who dennis horner looks like.

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