Ep. 731: We. Are. Live.

On today’s *LIVE* 2012 debut of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss some early NBA season winners (the Nuggets, ol’ man Tracy McGrady) and losers (#FreeSteveNash, the Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins and Paul Westphal). They also debate the surprise of the season so far, biggest disappointment, and best rookies. All that, plus the return of the Book-Off Payoff, Whoa Boy, fire trucks, haircuts, Trey Kerby on the live tweets, and much, much more.

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Comments (43)

  1. Finally! I’ve been refreshing the shit out of the website for 3 hours!

    Oh, yeah … good to have you guys back …

  2. I’m just gonna throw out a big ol Marv Albert “YUUUUSSSSSSSSSS!!!!”

    so glad you dudes are back. the mayans were right, TBJ is gonna rule this year!

  3. What’s that thing painted JE’s head?

  4. That’s my mole. Or my hair. Either one.

  5. Best NBA show out there. Glad to have it back!!!

  6. Nero, I, like you, was refreshing the shit out of this website until I went to the FAQ post and clicked on the link for tweeting in real-time with the “#TBJ community”. Unfortunately the show was already well underway by the time I realized that’s where they posted the link to watch it live.

  7. By the way, TBJ crew, it’s great to have you guys back!

  8. Everythings so professional this year. Skeets with his weird haircut, Tas looking the part of the grizzled vet, JD’s beautiful eye.

  9. It’s great to be back, guys.

    And don’t worry, we’ll iron out the kinks — letting you know when/where we’re live, getting the show up on the blog/iTunes faster, my odd haircut — as the week progresses.


  10. Why is the video up next according to youtube something to do with the Jersey Shore?

  11. glad to finally watch TBJ again

  12. Let’s take a moment to ponder broadcast television’s ability to take something ‘authentic’ (two entertaining guys in a condo boardroom) and render it unwatchable with a heavy dose of zombie makeup artistry and a dash of some inevitably wrongheaded producer who somehow took fun and replaced it with fast-talking bs immediacy. What happened to the fun? Bring it back, scrape off the makeup and remember that I don’t want to be afraid that Tas wants to eat my braaaains. Unless it’s all a meta NBC’s Community style joke about Canadian cable sports shows. In that case, well done.

  13. h to the immo, you put more thought into writing that than anyone else will ever put into reading it.


  15. Brand new season, same old blind hate of the Knicks! You neglected to mention that your most amazing, up and coming Raptors team came within a hair of going to overtime or losing to your biggest disappointment team the Knicks last night. This is even though they were up by 18 at one point and the Knicks are playing with half the first two teams out with injuries.

    Good to have you guys back. Maybe one day you’ll actually say something positive about the Knicks!

  16. It’s really cool to see how far the show has progressed since you first moved to video. With that said, I want to see Tas in a shark costume sometime this year.

  17. Nice show! But I would recommend stopping the traveling move of the camera. It just makes us seasick and does not make the show any better.

  18. I’m confused about the “beat the line” segment

    Say the Bulls are +7.5 on the hawks tonight. Are you required to take the advantaged team on the over (the Bulls winning by more than 7.5) or are you allowed to take the Hawks saying they’ll lose by less than 7.5 or win? In other words, do you pick over or under on the line or are you guys always picking the over?

  19. @Captain – as do I.

    @bluedouglas – this is a work in progress, but also, like a ship, you can may get used to the movements.

    @PK – You can always pick both sides. Sometimes games are a “pick ‘em” where there is no line. Let me try to explain, a team covers the spread if it wins the game with the score modified by the spread. If Dallas and Washington are playing and the spread is Dallas -7, then Dallas has to win by at least 8 points to cover, if they win by 6, Washington wins. If Dallas wins by 7, it’s a push (a tie, where no one wins), but, we always add a .5 to any line to avoid pushes. One last thing: + refers to the line for the underdog and – for the favorite.

  20. I think Skeets’ haircut looks fine. It’s just more mature and serious than before.

  21. i think skeets should shave his head and eyebrows. that shit would look TUFF

  22. If I had a single thing to point out (critic), I would say that the camera zoom-ins are unnecessary. They’re not complete shite, but I prefered when it was a single camera moving about, zooming at times, you know, good old JD camera work.

    Except for that small little itch, great show, good to have you back guys.

  23. Hey JD, What size was those KRKs, and would you recommend them?

  24. Great to have you guys back! Love the new format and enjoyed the humour. Well done!

  25. maybe a few less closeups with these HD cameras. you know what i’m talking about skeets.

  26. I asked my dog what she thought about the show, she said “rrrrrruff!” Extra cameras seem to take something away from the old magic. I prefer the single cam harness rig.

    That being said, good to have you boys back. Hard to make calls on the bizarro versions of NBA teams that show up every other night, so good luck with that madness.

  27. Anyone else having issues with the iTunes feed? I get a white screen for the whole show. Audio is fine.

  28. These guys have gone mainstream, its all downhill from here.

  29. Ditto on the headshots. This was all I could think of when you zoomed in on Skeets: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQTI9JaHecE

  30. @Ryan, I’m having the same problem.

  31. Not digging all the camera work, especially the closeups. Sometimes less is more.

    However, nice pickup with the steady-cam.

  32. @Ryan Not sure what the problem is with the iTunes feed. It will be fixed by tomorrow. Thanks for bearing with us as we experience some, um, early season growing pains.


  33. how many “F-Bombs” are you allowed on Live TV in Canada?

  34. Great stuff as always, live should be fun

  35. Totally agree with Westphal as a loser. This whole thing seems like a power trip (and his history backs that up). He should worry less about the pissing contest and more about managing the young guys on this team. Especially weird when none of it is coming from the execs. Maybe time to move to Keith Smart?

    Also, the media is a loser for blowing the KD/Westbrook situation way out of proportion. What a joke. Westbrook is phenomenal and they’d be crazy to trade him. The bigger issue is that nobody else in that starting lineup can score and he was frustrated.

  36. And so glad to have the old school book off back

  37. Thanks for bringing back the old book off pay off! Glad you guys are back.

  38. The fact we have LESS Matt and MORE Kerby is depressing.

  39. As much as I loved the Blank Jones and NSR, I now remember why I started listening to you guys in the first place… great to hear you talk ball, especially way over here in Australia. Good to have you back guys!

  40. The NBA is back and so is TBJ, the balance has been restored in the universe! :D

  41. I miss the computer/robot voice from The Blank Jones.

  42. @MattO, I have been listening/watching TBJ too long to give up on you because of some early season glitches. This, however, is only a 1 towel performance! I expect a 2 towel performance today!

  43. Good stuff. Less close-ups, Skeets face looks horrible now. And more stripper lessons with more girls doing corkscrews-to-peekaboos please.

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