As we all know, Kobe Bryant loves shooting. Loves it so much he’s eighth all-time in career attempts with a few years of shots left to chuck. Sure, he’s only 11th all-time in makes, but that’s not going to stop him from getting his shots.

In fact, nothing will stop him from shooting. Not even going 6-for-28 in a loss while rocking a busted wrist. From ESPN:

“I do what I do. If guys are open, I kick it to them, if they’re not, I shoot it,” Bryant said. “I play my game.” [...]

“We always start inside-out,” Bryant said, when asked about Bynum and Pau Gasol’s effectiveness on offense. “If you mean (to ask me) if I’m going to shoot less, the answer is no. It starts with me. I do what I do and we play off of that. That’s not going to change.”

Kobe Bryant’s going to get his shots up. That’s a given. This is a guy who went 6-for-24 and won a Finals MVP while doing so. If you think making less than a quarter of his shots in an early season loss to the Nuggets is going to stop him, then you’re being a dum-dum. There’s nothing any of us can do about it.

Fair enough. We’re not his coach, who would surely nip something like this — a declining superstar who insists on shooting all the time — in the bud. Let’s see what Mike Brown has to say.

“When you look at (6-for-28 in the box score), you think ‘Oh my gosh, there’s got to be a ton of bad shots,’” Brown said. “But if you go back and watch the game you see some of the shots he took, there were a lot of shots he took — (I know) because I coached against him — he normally makes.”

Not what I was expecting, but OK. Fine. If Mike Brown thinks that Kobe Bryant torching the Cavs back when Brown was smiling things up in the Eastern Conference gives Kobe leeway to shoot all the shots, then that’s his prerogative. It’s not like he’s basing his entire reasoning on things that have happened in the past.

“No, no, no, no, no. Kobe can make shots. That’s what he’s done his whole career,” Brown said. “He’s got a (right index) finger that he kind of went through the same thing with and he made shots against us (when Brown was coaching Cleveland) with that finger and he’s going to make shots for us. The one thing I don’t want to do is to tell him to stop shooting because he’s going to work his way through it, just like he did with his finger.”

Oh, come on, Mike Brown. You can’t be using everything in Kobe’s past as reasons to support him shooting everything he encounters. I mean, he won a dunk contest way back when, but that doesn’t mean you should recommend him trying to put the ball between his legs when he’s alone on the break. Things change, people change. Gotta stay with the times, man.

It’s totally cool if Mike Brown wants to keep running his “offense” through Kobe Bryant. He’s a talented offensive player and it’s best to keep him happy, so that is a totally understandable decision to make. But just say you want to do it because that’s what you want to do, not because Kobe Bryant used to be the best shooting guard in basketball.

Either that or totally embrace living in the past and let Derek Fisher take 10 shots a game because that’s what he did when he was a Warrior. These are the only two choices, so choose wisely Mike Brown.

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  1. Have you guys noticed that Kobe’s defense has been extremely slow and sluggish this season? it seems really unusual that he focuses so much on offense and jacks up shots but completely turns it off on defense. Andrew Bynum is the future of the lakers. And guess what? if they really want dwight howard to come to the Lakers, you have to SELL Orlando on Bynum so they should be feeding the ball to Bynum A LOT.

  2. Kobe’s defense has always been somewhat overrated. Usually he’s put on the weakest guy on the court at the time so he can focus more on offense. I’m not saying that he’s not a good defender, since tons of experts always vote him on the All NBA Defensive First team, but maybe Brown is having him cover better guys.

  3. Are you 2 serious? Kobe overrated on D? Pass that over to me you guys have had enough! lol

  4. When the Myans come, will they please, PLEASE take KB24/8 first. Then the fans that like him because hes “the best basketball player EVER!” then his parents for birthing him. He is, without a doubt, the gayest, most overrated piece of shit in existence. Lebron is a close second. They both have image problems. But Kobe is a toolshed. Always has been. Always will be. So are his fans.

  5. Bob is a Celtics fan.

  6. Lol Bob has anger issues. Calm down man its going to be OK. (This Guy follows Kobe and LeBron closely and he hates them.. never will I understand THESE ppl).

  7. Much appreciation here for the use of Mike Brown’s full name in all spots where he is mentioned.

  8. fucking idiots…jordan sucks

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