If I know anything about the BJ Army, it’s that they like to stay up-to-date on current music trends. Ergo, I’m assuming that all you fellows out there are well aware of the current electronic music renaissance, led by the dubstep dudes and bass bros. Whether you like it or not, you know there’s a whole group of people out there — Joker, Skream, Guido and the rest of the one-named gang — making music without acoustic instruments.

So with that in mind — coupled with the fact that you are on a basketball website — maybe you’ll enjoy this track, “Blake Griffinin’” by Wallpaper.

Not bad, right? Catchy, at the very least. Kind of inaccurate, since Blake Griffin averages less than a block a game, but I’m guessing the Oakland artist probably was focusing more on the music than the statistics.

The download’s free, so if you’re dying to have an electro-funk ode to the greatest dunker of this young decade on your Zune, go nuts. I’m sure we’d all prefer an ode to Darius Miles, but this works.

Comments (7)

  1. Trey Kerby is a photoshop wizard.

  2. Griffex is legit.

  3. You might want to rethink “BJ Army.”

  4. “If I know anything about the BJ Army”

    You don’t.

    “Not bad, right? Catchy, at the very least. ”

    Nope. This is terrible and I’m an electro fan and DJ. It’s an LMFAO wanna-be “band” and they have now wasted a perfect opportunity to have a Blake Griffin-typed song.

    And since this song can’t even be found by Google and there is no story credit, I’m guessing these are buddies of your’s who you are trying to promote.

  5. skrillex looks like darlene from Roseanne

  6. @Shelb


    Wallpaper is a very legitimate band that publishes records and tours and all that good stuff. They rule. Also, LMFAO is garbage of the lowest order.

  7. The best way to judge a band is to hear their piece first. Some may not create the best first impressions but will surely prove the audience wrong once they perform.

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