Rapid-fire joke time with Shelden Williams’ super smash-o-face.

  • Shelden Williams got rid of his driver’s license and uses this photo as his primary form of identification because this is the most Shelden Williams picture ever taken.
  • The most unbelievable thing is that Shelden Williams actually scored.
  • Oh great, now his face is going to look weird.
  • This would have never happened to Candace Parker.
  • Shelden Williams really has a nose for the ball.
  • $992,680 well-spent.
  • I can’t imagine why the Nets are trying to trade to Dwight Howard.
  • Just when you thought that Atlanta Hawks guarantee couldn’t look any smarter…
  • More like Smell-den Williams.
  • Ball so hard.

Please continue in the comments.

(via SportsGrid)

Comments (29)

  1. NO SHELDEN! Dunking on your face won’t fix your forehead!

  2. thats one sweaty dude

  3. “This would have never happened to Candace Parker.”

    The best one!!!

  4. Well shoot, this face-smashing event should SURELY land him on the Harlem Globetrotters next season…


    Man, this probably feels a lot better than being married to Kim Kardashian.

  5. No one is going to top Smell-don Williams. These comments should be closed.

  6. ball : shelden :: rocky : apollo creed (in rocky II)

  7. Shelden Williams finds a new way to keep his eye on the ball.


    Now THAT’S hard-nosed basketball!

  8. Upon hearing the news that there was a Goonies remake in the works, Shelden Williams tries to augment his appearance to land the role of Sloth.

  9. I love you Spalding!

  10. The solution to creating that small-ear look…

  11. Williams trying to trademark what Skiddoosh would be as a picture.

  12. Disappointed with the towel boy’s performance, Shelden Williams decides to improvise.

  13. How to Poster yourself by Shelden Williams in stores next fall.

  14. To show his support for teammate Kris Humphries, Shelden Williams attempts to single-handedly break the Kardashian family’s record for most NBA balls in the face.

  15. Sheldon Williams just coined the terms, “Dunkterbate” and “Postering Off” to describe someone dunking on themselves. I just hope his mom didn’t catch him in the act. That’s the worst…

  16. What did the dunked ball say to the face?

    I’ll accept “Smack!”, “Splash down on planet Sweat-Face”, or “And a very general fuck you, Sheldon Williams.”

  17. “They say ‘The ball don’t Lie’, Sheldon Williams don’t got no alibi, he ugly, he ugly.”


    “Sheldon Williams fails so hard… he tries to Face-palm the ball.”


    “Sheldon Williams would be a great candidate for A&E’s ‘Hoarders’, the man is clearly stockpiling ugly”

  18. Sheldon, why does it say pniblaq5 on your face?

  19. Shelden takes the term “dunkface” to a whole new level.

  20. “More like Smell-den Williams.”

    Please stop tainting Tas, Skeets, JD and Matt with this garbage. I hope Trey gets a job offer for a site I never visit for more money so I can read this blog on a more regular basis like I used to.

  21. ^u don’t sound like a hater at all

  22. @Steven and @AWade: Touche!!!

  23. Shelden Williams proves that, even when they score, the Nets look like shit.

    After getting such a close look at Williams’ face, the basketball is now blind.

    The basketball: “So, what ARE you exactly? You’re not human right? You can’t be.”

  24. the sad thing is that he makes kris humphres look good

  25. new add for “Dunkin Do Nots”

  26. Interesting how the people who are making fun of him can’t even dunk! LOL.

  27. Look at that guy enjoying a face full of celebration

  28. lol. It’s so funny!

  29. I literally laughed out lout at the “Ball So Hard” here at work…

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