Because not every game is exciting…

Ballin: Jarrett Jack had 27 points on 17 shots, added 11 assists and even blocked two shots, which he has somehow done twice this season after blocking all of six shots last year. No wonder Chris Paul was expendable.

Not so much: In his first NBA start, Knicks forward Josh Harrellson went 4-8 from three. Yesterday, in his second start, Jorts went 0-4 from three and only took threes. If this sort of thing continues, I say we change his nickname to “Costanza.” (Seinfeld reference, 2012. Nailed it.)

Chill, man: Right after the draft, there was a minor controversy when Reggie Jackson refused to work out for other teams because he had a draft guarantee from the Oklahoma City Thunder at No. 24. Last night, after two-and-a-half minutes, Jackson was 0-for-3 from deep. He just needs to relaxi taxi a little bit, let the game come to him and all that nonsense. Otherwise, the people that got mad are going to feel super silly.

This was cool: Greg Stiemsma is well-liked in my household, since he’s a Wisconsin Badger and the lady I married went to school there. Even she would admit this is Bad News Bears.

Almost had it, Greg. This close.

Confirmation needed: Is this really Chris Bosh?

Between the blatant aggression, the right-handedness and the fact that the player in question wasn’t 18 feet from the basket, I don’t necessarily buy that this is really Chris Bosh.

A lefty jumper from the top of the key? Sure. This fantastic throwdown? Seems dubious.

Yikes: Manu Ginobili broke his hand and is out indefinitely. Don’t worry though — it’s his left hand and he never uses that anyway.

Good for you guys: After spraining his MCL, it looks like Iman Shumpert might be back to the Knicks earlier than expected. Good news for makers of gigantic Knicks jerseys because Spike Lee is definitely in the market for a way-too-big Iman Shumpert tunic.

Even better for you guys: In more Knicks injury news, Amar’e Stoudemire will probably play against the Bobcats tomorrow, which means we don’t really need to worry that much about Jorts Costanza.

Oh, come on: I saw James Anderson — you know, the guy on the Spurs who is most definitely NOT a randomly created NBA 2K12 player — try to throw a pass between his legs to Tim Duncan who had just screened for him and was standing behind him waiting for a normal pass. This will shock you, but it didn’t work and the Spurs turned the ball over. Whoops.

Other things: Ronny Turiaf also broke his hand because he loves copying Manu Ginobili. Solomon Jones is a Clipper because he is tall. C.J. Watson hurt his elbow, likely while scratching his gigantic goatee-beard hybrid facial hair. Semih Erden is back and you didn’t even know he was gone. The Wizards haven’t been .500 or above since Halloween 2009.

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  1. Very subtle “relaxi taxi” reference, Trey. But now we all know you got the “Friends” boxed set for Christmas.

  2. I gave up trying to understand what Weezy is wearing a long time ago

  3. Hah, Amin… In an episode from way back I remember the guys saying Friens sucked. I guess Trey has better taste? Haha

  4. Stiemsma is averaging 3 blocks in 17 minutes though… #nottoobad

  5. I don’t like cheap stare-downs after dunks, but the technical foul should’ve been on JaVale McGee for taunting.

    Go Skyforce!

  6. Bosh traveled…………………………………………..

  7. wait are you serious? the Hawks takeover against Miami and the only thing to note is that Chris Bosh got one single dunk highlight? wtf when did TBJ turn into SportsCenter? get real, trey. i give you a pass because its protocol for any press, blog or big media, to treat the Hawks like outcasts, but COME ON. McGrady with 16 off the bench, Teague slicing up Miami’s D, and the team everyone hates STOPPING the Heat! Chris Bosh is the biggest pussy in basketball don’t blow air in his vagina just cuz he got a dunk at the beginning of a game. If the Hawks beat Chicago tonite, please have more to note than Carlos Boozer crying when he gets in foul trouble.

  8. The Steam is an awesome shot blocker. It’s hilarious to watch that nobody reject players left and right.

  9. Don’t worry, Turb0. I fully expect the Hawks to beat the Bulls tonight.

    Didn’t mean to shaft them. Just feel like I’ve watched the Heat-Hawks play each other 19 billion times and can’t stand to do it any more.

  10. Isn’t Manu left handed? Wouldn’t that be critical.

  11. Stiemsma Madness!!!!

  12. Has anybody else noticed that the Boshtrich nowadays somewhat collapses after each of his dunks? Like the one he dropped on Charlotte recently. When he hits the deck like that I cannot help but imideatly thinking of Livingston blowing out his knees. I understand that he is going there full steam but does he have to twist that much?
    But maybe it is just because that I do not like him…

  13. T – mothafucking – MAC

  14. @Trey all good. just giving you a hard time. honestly besides shooting the lights out, there werent too many showstopper highlights from the hawks, besides the mcgrady-smith alley oop in the 4th. unfortunately, watching joe johnson D-Up Wade and force a turnover isn’t quite as exciting as someone takin it to the rack. my line on this game is even, with d-rose’s steady stat climb. we’ll see. i just hope Dwight is watching.

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