Look, I’m not saying this is really the greatest alley-oop of all-time. That would be crazy talk, because we all know this is the real greatest alley-oop of all-time. I’m just saying that when you look at the pictures of this dunk, you might be able to be convinced that this really is the greatest alley to have ever been ooped.

See for yourself.

If life was a Will Smith movie, Big Willie Style would look at these pictures and scream, “Now that’s how you supposed to dunk! From now on that’s how you dunk!” Then we’d all laugh and pat Will on the back for always having a one-liner ready.

We’ll probably never be lucky enough to live in that world, but if we were, this is how everyone would dunk, legs and all.

(last two photos via David Sherman)

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  1. What’s crazy is how early Rubio sees him. He’s throwing that thing up before Williams even starts turning. The timing with these pros is just insane these days.

  2. What was Manu doing on Derrick Williams anyway?

  3. Rubio is throwing over the head snap passes, one-hand off the dribble passes, touchdown passes miles in front of the intended target… I love this!!! No two-hands from the chest bounce bass fundamentals. Fun, fun, fun!!!

  4. Thanks for the Kukoc-Wennington video. Now I’m going to spend the next few hours watching old Bulls highlights.

  5. Don’t be silly. Everyone knows this is the greatest ever alley-oop:


  6. @Rich:
    As soon as I saw the “greatest alley-oop” claim, I immediately thought of that one and was going to look for it. Since that is already done, I’ll have to submit this completely unrelated Gheorghe Muresan mix instead:

  7. Holy crap, Taco. Was your New Year’s resolution to take your blogging to the next level?

    Or is today’s output just build-up from the vacation … like when you can’t bate for a few days?

  8. Funny ha ha but if we’re talking best alley oops there are only five words: Gary Payton to Shawn Kemp.

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