It’s impossible to decide which of these videos is funnier, so just watch both of them. Do you go for the basketball hilarity of two straight Bulls flopping on the same fast break?

Or do you go with Kevin Garnett taking the “chill out” advice way too literally?

Let’s hear what you guys think because I’m too busy laughing to think this through logically.

(via I Am a GM)

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  1. The Garnett clip, just for the Ray Allen reaction to the dude who is clearly now wet right behind KG.

  2. My votes for the double bulls flop.. Just Asik’s by itself is hilarious. They really caught it at the perfect angle.

  3. The flop fest is amazing

  4. Firstly, it is hilarious, but they have to start handing out Tech fouls & Fines for flops like that… They review all the games and upgrade/downgrade Flagrants, so it’s time that flops like this come under review also…

  5. the funniest part to me was the bulls fans reacting to the non-calls like they were egregious charges. actually no, it was asik.

  6. Bulls flop-fest is better, no question. Those guys fell like they were made out of paper. …or whatever Anderson Varejao is made out of.

  7. definitely KGs new method for drinking water. Thats hysterical.

  8. garnett. hundo P

  9. funniest moment tonight: chandler parsons tipdunking then staring down blake griffin.

  10. Flop fest is hilarious (lol Asik)… but Ray Allen’s reaction is just priceless.

  11. I vote for KG/Allen
    And fining players for flopping wouldn’t make sense, as I’m pretty sure they’re coaches are more than okay with the flopping.

  12. KG clip…mostly because of Ray’s amusement but you can also see Rondo’s ‘wtf’ reaction for half a second.

  13. I agree with Brendan_E, there should be a tech for flopping. I mean, guys get t’ed-up for staring at each other and this shameful shit is permitted? Come on, now.

  14. So I guess after all KG is mean to EVERYBODY…..?

  15. anyone notice the dude who handed him the water just happens to be this guy:

  16. KG. Everyone thats visible in the video looks over at him with “wtf?” reactions. It’s too bad theres no audio of the bench, KG must have made some loud noises too

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