Chris Bosh on the radio this week:

“I want to win so all I think about is basketball, basketball, and basketball and I just want to do whatever I can to make sure we take the right steps into winning.”

Chris Bosh in 2010:

“I’m trying to explore different avenues,” Bosh said. “There is so much available to me now and I’m just trying to see what’s out there, really. There’s nothing really complicated about it. This all happened at a certain time and I’m trying to be more social with different guys in different cities.” [...]

“For me it’s finding out what I like right now,” he said. “I want my brand to be genuine and to let people know that I’m conscious and aware of it. I think sometimes guys try to do the whole global-branding thing and they really don’t understand it. I do understand it, and I try to be conscious of it and work on it in every city that I’m in. I don’t go around talking about it too much. I just represent it and let it come to me. It’s like a nickname. You can’t give yourself a nickname. You let the nickname come to you.” [...]

“I didn’t really do this for the attention,” Bosh said of his signing with the Heat. “I did this because I wanted to play championship-caliber basketball with the best guys out there, and just to have this opportunity and this kind of hype machine behind us. It’s spectacular. Those are the things you dream about when you’re a little kid. Playing basketball, you want to be Jordan, Pippen and those guys. You want to be the show, and now we’re the show. We have the chance to live that dream now, and I’m just living it up.”

Either Chris Bosh got super focused, super boring or isn’t being entirely truthful about his concerns. Your call.

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  1. This bloke is a dead-set muppet. It always annoys me when the boshtrich finishes at the rim or executes a nice post move. Erkel is not supposed to be able to play like this. I portion equal amount of hate to LeBron and Bosh. Players refering to themselves as brands is just awful. I doubt the only player to actually ever be a brand (Jordan) has ever called himself a brand…

  2. Man, that has got to be the most Chris Bosh photo ever.

  3. Welp, I just got my new catchphrase for 2012.
    “This bloke is a dead-set muppet.”

  4. It’s weird. Even when Bosh puts up 24 and 11, is screaming and celebrating on his back after a dunk, or in a photo with a giraffe, I still don’t notice him.

    I’m not even joking.

  5. Well whatever his mindset is, he is doing something right. He has been pretty impressive so far.

  6. “You can’t give yourself a nickname, you let a nickname come to you.”
    – The RuPaul of big men

  7. Or he gave up because it was too difficult.

    Your brand can’t be ‘a guy who wants to make himself a brand.’

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