Ep. 732: Knock On Wood

On today’s live edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss: Andrew Bynum’s first 20-20, Kobe Bryant’s injuries and shot selection, Kyle Lowry’s insane start, Tom Thibodeau’s brilliant final play call, whether James Harden should start, Gerald Wallace bullying Kevin Durant, OKC fatigue, Perkins and LMA’s “forceful separation of bodies.” All that, plus Dr. Seaver, Tristan Thompson, Tim in Graphics, Whoa Boy, Book It picks, and Derek Fisher’s shiny head. Enjoy.

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Comments (17)

  1. does Trey have a piano over there in that corner? It definitely looks like it. Actually don’t answer that, i’m just going to keep assuming he does. Should look into getting some giant sunglasses, Kerbz.

  2. I’m definitely fingering some keys over there. Will be rocking glasses eventually, now that you mention it.

  3. Because Trey doesn’t look at the camera and his head is always moving, it looks like he’s doing a Ray Charles impression.

  4. Ha! I totally didn’t see that first comment. Agreed, adam.

  5. Dan Savage sure knows a lot about the NBA.

  6. Even though I went to a preseason game, started my fantasy team, tuned in on Christmas day, I knew something was missing! And it was you guys! It’s going to be a crazy fun season.

  7. OMG! I am so glad to see you guys back on the intertubes… Can you please get a new opening theme song? I don’t want to hear about anyone’s bones attacking, it’s just gross.

    Randy from Utah

  8. Snoop Dogg says hi.

  9. “The Rockets had no choice but to hack away at the Lakers’ bigs…”
    Except, of course, that the Lakers’ big men weren’t really the ones getting all the calls, nor was Kobe getting calls when he went to the basket. Most of the fouls seemed to come off the ball and on jump shots.

    It was an extraordinary atrociously called game, I think. I’m a Rockets fan, so maybe you can blame that on homerism, but it seemed pretty ridiculous to me.

  10. I’m liking the haircut, Skeets.

  11. Way cool changes this year Jones.

    Listened to the first show on earphones… but had to check out the haircuts, camera angles and ‘Taco on the Tweets’ for show #2.

    Next time my baby wakes me at 2am down here in Australia I’ll join in live and send a tweet.

  12. no mention of perkins’ ridiculous facial hair? he’s one box of hair bleach away from brian skinner territory.

  13. Thunder need another scorer if they want to start Harden. They’ve got three guys who can score on that team. Starting Harden means that they’d have virtually no offense coming off the bench. I agree with Tas that as long as he’s in during crunch time, they’re playing it smart.

  14. Stop moving the camera.

  15. The thing that makes TBJ great is that it’s different. Solid second quarter, sirs. I’m still waiting for the two of you to cross-examine fringe NBA personalities (first call should be to the new Raptors trainer from LA because… what does he know about Kobe’s trips to Germany?) but only if there’s so much banter that it could pass as a SNL skit. Banter.

  16. I’m having problems with the sync of the new show to my ipod Touch. iTunes tells me that the video can not be played on my ipod. Older videos (like Random questions with Brent Barry) work fine. Please help me. I need my fix on my way to work.
    I googled a little bit and is it possible that you use another format or other codecs?

  17. Same issue with iTunes sync. Please fix it!

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