On New Year’s Day, the Chicago Bulls beat the Memphis Grizzlies by 40 points. There’s not much to say when one professional team beats another by that many, but given the timing — after one of the biggest party nights of the year — you had to kind of wiggle your eyebrows at the fact that the Grizzers might have got their champagne on the previous night.

But according to O.J. Mayo, that’s not the case at all. They just straight-up got whooped. From the AP:

“The crazy thing about (Chicago), we didn’t even do any partying or anything the night before to celebrate the New Year,” Mayo said. “We tried to keep it professional, and still came out and got beat by 40.”

It’s kind of hilarious that we live in a world where O.J. Mayo realizes that people probably think Memphis got busy on New Year’s Eve and feels the need to clarify that it wasn’t that the Grizzlies partied their paws off, just that they got beat badly by a better team. It’s really hilarious that we all agree that there must be some reason a team would get beat by 40, as if being hungover during a basketball game would be a valid excuse that everyone’s OK with.

But nope, the Grizzlies just stunk it up and didn’t even get a chance to live it up in Chicago. If they’d have known on December 31 what would happen on January 1, they probably would have hit up that drink special at Ontourage. I’m sure they’re very sorry they missed paying a ton of money for drinks in a way-too-crowded bar.