In today’s shoes on shoes on shoes world, it’s easy to assume that every NBA player has more shoes than they could ever need, all for free. While that’s usually the case, it’s not always true. Sometimes they have to pay, like Gilbert Arenas last year. Sometimes they wear just a few pairs throughout the season. And sometimes, they borrow shoes from their buddies who do have crazy amounts of footwear just taking up space in their locker.

That’s what’s happening in Boston, where one point guard is taking another’s excess sneakers and putting them to good use. From Jessica Camerato at

This season [Keyon] Dooling plans to wear [Rajon] Rondo’s sneakers from his overflowing collection of Nike brand kicks. With so many shoes, Rondo is happy to share.

“We wear the same size shoes,” Rondo smirked. “Right now I have kind of an unlimited amount of shoes so I have to get rid of some. I told him if anybody ever needs some shoes, they can have as many as they want when I’m not playing with them.”

Awwwww, look at these cuties with their jinxy feet. No way to know but I really like the idea of Keyon Dooling and Rajon Rondo — two dudes who seem pretty serious about living their lives — geeking out when they found out they had the same shoe size then excitedly trading kicks. I’m sure it was a beautiful scene that ended with Keyon letting Rajon borrow his “Hangover 2″ DVD for the weekend.

Of course, now I’m hoping these guys wear an 11.5, because Rajon Rondo said “anybody … can have as many as they want” and I wouldn’t mind trying out those new Hyperfuses. Just saying.