Ballin: Kyrie Irving missed his first two shots and everybody was pulling on their shirt collars like Johnny Carson. Then he made his next eight shots, finishing with 20 points while adding six assists and two blocks. It’s safe to say the Rookie of the Year race is over and nothing will change this for the rest of the year.

Not so much: Brandon Jennings went 4-for-19 from the floor, including 0-7 from three. His coach is still Scott Skiles, so this should probably go over pretty well.

Also not so much: The Hawks and Bulls combined to score 26 points in the second quarter of an actual professional basketball game, with the Bulls missing 14 straight shots over an eight minute stretch. Scott Skiles would have actually loved this.

Bo-ring: Kobe Bryant did that off-the-backboard thing again.

You’d think that by now the Rockets would have learned to stay down on Kobe Bryant’s pump fakes, but I guess two years of humiliation is not quite enough. Oh well, maybe next year.

Uttered by Austin Carr when the Bobcats played two point guards together: “They got the two midget guards in now, with Augustin and Kemba.”

Mr. Cool Stats: In five games with the Bobcats, Byron Mullens has scored more points than in the first two seasons of his career. Sam Presti totally nailed this one.

Nice pass: James Harden, you guys.

I don’t know. Might need a little more zip next time.

Other things: Thunder forward Lazar Hayward was a defensive sub for the last 24 seconds of the third quarter, during which he totally mucked up the Trail Blazers’ play. Defensive Player of the Year candidate? … That Bulls/Hawks second quarter shot chart is really great if you love Xs. … DeMarcus Cousins played for the Kings last night, so everything is super smoothed over now. No more problems, I’m sure. … Solid tip dunk from Courtney Lee. If only he could have done that in Orlando.

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  1. Just to add to the Kyrie bit you have up there…he did all that in only 21 minutes of playing time. Wow.

  2. Will the nightly recap posts make a comeback this year?

  3. I really like this new “recap format”, stick with it :)

  4. I like it too, but I also liked having quick summaries of all the games I didn’t care enough to watch the previous night :)

  5. This is the new format since there are so many games every night. I love the NBA but even I can’t deal with trying to follow 10 games each evening. Howevs, if you read this and watch The Fix, you’ll be good.

  6. That wasn’t even the best Austin Carr line of the night. When Mullens threw the ball away:

    “Oh ho. Aahhh, oh ho ho. See that? Ahh, I see now.”

    Seriously, that’s what he “said.”

  7. Feel like he just always says that, even when he’s really trying to say words.


  9. ^ I originally tried to post: “RUBIOOO” but was told by the website my comment was too short, hence the extra O’s.

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