On today’s live edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss: Luke Ridnour’s purposely missed free throw at the end of the Grizzlies-Wolves game, Rubio’s court vision, Zach Randolph’s injury, the Knicks’ laugh-out–loud defensive effort, D’Antoni’s leash, and Andrea Bargnani’s All-Star potential. All that, plus “The Manimal” Kenneth Faried’s hops and hair, Urban Outfitters, Vincenzo Esposito, and breaking Andrew Bogut news, apparently.

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Comments (15)

  1. Totally forgot about Yao’s purposely missed free throw. (Thanks, Daoud)

  2. Isn’t it obvious? Los lob-os!

  3. how do you not give KLove WhoaBoy every damn night he plays?

  4. Vincenzo Esposito! Great name drop, Tas! It baffles me how you remember a guy who played a grand total of 30 games and scored 3.9 points per game at the top of your head like a drinking buddy.

    Awesome sauce. Italian, to be specific. Keep it up, BJ Army!

  5. the commentators in that game were awful. first they said it was rubio who took the ft and then said that it was illegal?!?

    i had to rewind it a few times but nba ref’s are the best! hahahaha

    rubio is a G btw

  6. Tas is right, Gillete razors are crap. Real men shave using Merkur double edged safety razors :)

  7. Faisal – I use a Gillette MACH 3 – should I change?

  8. Don’t forget the Wizards rookie basically called them out in an interview saying their just bad, and playing bad out there. When your rookie can call you out in the media and get away with it…yeah your really bad.

  9. Get to the real Raptor gold, DeRozan rocked the house yesterday and no mention of him :O

  10. Speaking of young players calling out teams, Paul Westphal just got fired! I like the new format but yesterday’s crossfire had you guys agreeing about everything said…? That’s a new twist! I’m glad to see the Raps are improving. Coaching, coaching coaching and how long do you give the Knicks before they hire a new one? Is Boris Diaw actually going to get an allstar nod this season? Maybe the Mayans are right after all!

  11. Love the show!
    What is the name of the tune at 21:45?

  12. Melo plays lower case d. eeeeyyyyyooooo

  13. Same about league pass here, don’t know why i waited so long to try it. It’s sooo great :-)

    I got called for crossing the line for my first 2 official free throws in a game. At that time i didn’t even understood why (yeah pretty lame…).

    And Denver IS a LP alert, they play fast and hard, they have a lot of flashy/explosive players : Ty the speedster, Rudy for the passing, Birdman the blocks, Galo leaking or 3s, and so on…

  14. Something else wankery – Flip Saunders getting tossed 104 seconds into the game against the Celtics Monday night (was upset about a block by the Stiemer).

  15. There’s only one suitablenickname for the Rick-y Rubio to Der-Rick Williams lob–the “Rick Roll.” As in “The T-wolves are going to Rick Roll their way past the Cavs tonight.”

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