Every year, some NBA teams get the retro hookup while all the other suckers have to suffer through a season full of plain Jane regular uniforms, alternate uniforms and commemorative uniforms. Bo-ring.

But for those lucky teams who get to dress like it’s the 1970s all over again, we’ll take a look at their brand new old jerseys. Come along and ride on, this fantastic voyage.

San Antonio Spurs — 1970-71 San Antonio Chapparals (ABA)
It’s pretty obvious that the novelty of this uniform comes from the name, rather than a hilariously dated style. I’m OK with that but they could really play up the Chaps name by actually playing in chaps. Something to think about in the future.

Denver Nuggets — 1975-76 Denver Nuggets (ABA)
Seen it before, but still pretty good. Even better if George Karl wears it over a turtleneck again.

Minnesota Timberwolves — 1967-68 Minnesota Muskies (ABA)
Love this so much. The colors are delightfully old-school and the idea of a basketball team being named after a lake fish is incredible. I also really like the idea of Ricky Rubio being told what a musky is and trying to figure out why he’s wearing this jersey. Excellent.

Charlotte Bobcats — 1969-70 Charlotte Cougars (ABA)
This feels like an upgrade in each and every way. The colors are better, the design is better and cougars are way bigger and fiercer than bobcats. Switch to these permanently maybe?

Miami Heat — 1970-71 Miami Floridians (ABA)
Seen these before. Couldn’t be more Miami — and it’s always fun to see these cool guys looking silly — so these get my stamp of approval.

New Jersey Nets — 1972-73 New York Nets (ABA)
So great. Best of the bunch, I’d say. Plus, it gives us all a chance to get used to the Nets rocking New York stuff on their chests, which will be helpful for next season. Always good to be prepared.

Indiana Pacers — 1971-72 Indiana Pacers (ABA)
Are these actually the photo negatives of those famous Hawks jerseys? No? OK, well Tyler Hansbrough will still look really cool in them.

Los Angeles Clippers — 1968-69 Los Angeles Stars (ABA)
Oh man, the tiny “O” and “E” on this kills me. It’s so low-rent, so “this was a good idea in 1969″ and so early-90s video games that I can’t help but like it.

Like these? Hate ‘em? Hate other things? Let us know in the comments.

(via Chris Creamer)

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  1. I have to say, these are all pretty decent, which is never a given when throwbacks are concerned. *cough cough* Hawks throwbacks *cough*

  2. The Knicks and Pacers ones look good. The rest? IDK..

  3. Woops, meant to say Nets and Pacers

  4. So this Abcdefg guy was kind of a journeyman, eh?

  5. Let’s just say I like the ones that are real throwbacks.

  6. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… COUGARS!!!!!!!!!! haaaaaaaaaaaa…. 69!!!!!!!!! haaaaaaaaaaa COUGARS 69.. whoop whoop

  7. LOL, not bad, Seth. Not bad.

  8. The Bobcats need an overhaul in every possible way. Their name was chosen because their previous owner was named Robert forgodssake and they have the fuggin ugliest unis in the game today. The players should just suit up in those Cougs jerseys every game after in revolt.

    The Pacers jerseys look sick. Muskies are pretty good too. Actually, Minnesota should have overhauled their look anyway with Rubio and Williams coming in to play alongside Love and Beasley. So many hipsters would be buying Wolves jerseys this year if they looked like the Muskies or their old green and blues. I’d be one of them.

  9. Here’s the original article with all the other uniform and logo changes for the NBA this season:


  10. Imagine the uproar in the rainy Northwest if Oklahoma City threw on their “throwback jerseys”…. the old school Sonics apparel from back in the day. That would be yet another stake into the hearts of a fanbase tortured by Clay Bennett.

  11. @James, here is my idea. Move the New Orleans Hornets to Seattle to become the new SuperSonics, then give Charlotte the original Hornets nickname back since Bobcats just ain’t cuttin’ it. Sounds like a fair trade to all involved AND the NBA would easily be able to find an owner in Seattle that would take NOH off their hands. I think Hornets GM Dell Demps would LOVE to make this move…. oh wait, he has no real power, nor no ability to make any decision.

  12. I was really hoping Denver would go with the rainbow skyline jerseys from the 1980′s. They did this look a few years ago already.

  13. i know these are the old old ones… but i wanna see the new/old purple raps jerseys…. those were fresh.

  14. I must have that Muskies jersey. I once tried to blow-up an old Muskies logo to print on a t-shirt, but to no avail. I got a cool Oakland Oaks green t-shirt, though.

  15. Miami Floridians Really Really !?!?! that’s the best they can come up with that’s worse than the muskies.

  16. Those Nets throwbacks sure do look fantastic. Although, Nets fans can’t help but look forward to the new colors and jersey for Brooklyn, which should be coming out soon. Can’t wait…

  17. I hate veggies.

  18. Permant change of the Bobcats to Cougars? Yeah, sure, except that “cougar” has an, er, alternate meaning now. Not sure Kemba Walker wants to be representing a 40-something single woman on the prowl.

  19. I consider those Nets ABA throwbacks to be both the nicest and most patriotic jersey of any sports team.

    Too bad I hear they’re getting new colors for move to Brooklyn, Nets should have brought the Dr J jersey’s back full time when they moved back to NY

  20. Dallas Chaparrals, not San Antonio

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