If you were watching last night’s Cleveland Cavaliers-Toronto Raptors game (sure), then you were probably confused about the absence of Cavs center Samardo Samuels (yeah, right). Was he released? Did he fall in to a manhole? Did he rent a table at Spin to play ping-pong then get totally caught up in a rally and miss the game?

There are a lot of likely candidates for why he missed the game, but the real answer is much simpler. From the Boston Herald:

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ monster road trip will be a little less grueling for Samardo Samuels, who did not go to Canada with the team because he lost his passport. He will rejoin the team Thursday in Minneapolis.

Samuels wrote on his Twitter account in early December that he had lost both his passport and wallet. The Cavs remained hopeful he could get the situation rectified before Wednesday’s game against the Raptors in Toronto, but because he holds a Jamaican passport and visa issues are involved, it became too complicated to complete in time.

Tough break for Sammy Sams. Not only will he be refused entry to other countries when his job requires to travel, he also lost his discount card to Dave’s Supermarket. Now he’s going to be paying way more than a dollar for three avocados, which is a total ripoff.

I’m sure he’ll get his passport problems sorted out soon enough, but he’ll never be able to get back all that stuff he’s stored in his wallet. You never think about that picture of you and your high school prom date until it’s gone forever.

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  1. I hope i find his wallet. Oh wait, i live in Canada! He can’t fly here….. Get it.

  2. I actually didn’t even notice he wasn’t playing! Man are the Cavs full of garbage, Nobody on that team will ever be all-stars (that’s right, neither Kyrie nor Tristan will be an All-Star) in my opinion. Maybe Tristan would have a chance if they just got rid of Jamison already and started him. What was Dan Gilbert thinking when he skipped Jonas Valanciunas? “Err, should I take a, err, 3 time gold medalist for Lithuania that will take about a year to come or an err, one year man at Texas who didn’t do anything for his national team Canada but, err, is an above average rebounder? Err, Nobodies going to replace Big Z, and Tristan is black, so…” and you know how it went from there…

  3. Im sure Samuels would have made a minimal if any sort of impact last night. Raptors looked good, Cavs looked like their normal bad team without Lebron.

    Mitch, I think the Cavs will trade Jamison by the end of the year, because they’ll be a ton of teams who want to add a veteran for a playoff run or bad teams looking to just clear cap for the offseason.

    Thompson’s going to be a solid 4 man once he gets the starting job in Cleveland. Looked a bit nervous last night playing in front of his home town for the first time, but who wouldn’t be? Wait till he’s getting 30MPG and he’ll be grabbing double doubles regularily. He’s a beast and a defensive stopper, great pick up if they develop him right.

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