Ballin: LeBron James put up 33, 8 and 13 like it was no big deal. Plus he played more than half of the fourth quarter despite the fact the Heat were never winning by less than 20 — and despite the fact he tweaked his ankle and acted like his leg exploded — all so he could grab two rebounds for a triple-double, which didn’t happen. Still, great line.

Also ballin: Andrea Bargnani’s Tas Melas-led All-Star campaign continues apace, with the Italian heartthrob putting up 31 points on 16 shots and even grabbing seven boards. Not bad.

Not so much: No one told the Wizards that the preseason was shortened, I guess. Someone should mention that during the next team meeting, because the real games started almost two weeks ago and I’m not sure they know that.

Here’s an example: Andray Blatche goaltended a free throw.

This is the least goaltend-y goaltend possible, but it’s still hilarious because this sort of thing could only happen to a Wizard. I would have guessed JaVale McGee would be the culprit, but Andray Blatche is a fine substitute.

Here’s another example: Trevor Booker “won” the Wizards’ Player of the Game last night with an incredible line.

Only the Wizards.

But still: At least they’re not the Knicks. Consecutive home losses to the Raptors and Bobcats? Yikes.

Blake Griffin gets Blake Griffin-ed: By a rookie, even.

That’s Chandler Parsons, a rookie from Florida and not a stereotypical frat boy villain from a Judd Apatow comedy. Supposedly.

Advice from my wife to Stephen Curry: My ankles sprain all the time because I am tall and have the thinnest ankles in existence, which is not a great combination. Every time I come home hobbling, my wife says “You need to wear ankle braces.” And she’s right. I started wearing these bad boys and things have been way better. Considering his ankles won’t stop rolling, maybe Stephen Curry should do something similar because this is getting pretty sad.

Return of the tights: It’s been a while since we’ve seen them, but somehow, D.J. Augustin is bringing back full leg compression, even though that was outlawed by David Stern a few years back.

I’m pretty sure that these are just really tall lower leg sleeves running in to also-long spandex shorts, but it’s still a really great look either way.

Other things: New Jersey-Boston was 35-34 at halftime, so if you happened to watch that game, sorry … Ricky Rubio scored 12 points on 5-9 shooting (2-2 from three), added 12 assists, looked like a young, bearded Ringo Starr and just generally ran things last night because he’s awesome and you need to watch him … If you’re only going to score six points — like Andre Iguodala did last night — then it’s good to make two of them really count … DeMar DeRozan made five threes last night after making five the entire 2010-11 season, which is cool … Kwame Brown did this to Tim Duncan and everything you know about life is wrong

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  1. Don’t worry Tas, I will help you with the Il Mago for All star campaign. Already voted

  2. Is it wrong that I want the Wizards to go 0-66?

  3. Did you see that pick before the Chandler Parsons oop? Just flattened that guy. Also, what the hell kind of name is Chandler Parsons? Sounds like a character from a daytime soap.

  4. The tights and Kwame Brown’s free throw shooting (and salary and haircut) are awful.

  5. My advice to Stephen’s ankles (and yours, too) would be to wear those braces ini game this season but use as much of the rest of his time to try and strengthen them without any (practice for instance). It is possible. Otherwise he’ll only weaken them even more with the braces on all time.

  6. At 1:02 of the Blatche goaltending the FT vid … Jameer Nelson traveled throwing that alley-oop. Can’t believe they didn’t call that.

  7. I think Chandler Parsons is gonna die in like the next few weeks or so… Making him the first human to actually die from being dunked on.

  8. The dunk over (eve tho around is more accurate) reminded me about a little conversation I had with friends about the last NBA Draft – MJ must have a thing for weird sounding names that start with a K..Kwame Brown, Kemba Walker… You think he got mad cuz he couldn’t get Kwahi Leonard?

  9. I actually watched more half of the Wizards game, before eventually switching to the Duke-Temple game where I got filled with immense joy as the most hated team in basketball (moreso than the Heat, trust me) got beat by a Philly team (I’m a 76ers fan). I hate Duke so much… and Austin Rivers truly was unimpressive. I only saw two games of him, sure, but I was FAR from impressed by his performance.

    The moment the FT goaltend happen, I immediately thought about TBJ and I was 99.9% sure it was going to be mentioned somewhere on your blog or in the Fix. It was a very Wizards-y thing to do.

  10. Just so you know, not only was the player of the game for the wizards a no-name like Trevor Booker, but the player above the image for Trevor Booker’s statline for player of the game is Kevin Seraphim, not Trevor Booker

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