One of the greatest NBA successes of last season was when Deron Williams started wearing a headband after being traded to the Nets. That tiny strip of terrycloth brightened our lives, covering that weird spot of sideburn that Deron always gets trimmed for some reason and making it seem like all his hair was connected. After five-and-a-half seasons of that stoplight haircut, it was a solid and much-needed camouflage job.

But apparently, Salt Lake City wasn’t happy with that little change. They still love the old Deron Williams haircut and are still requesting it at local barbers for some reason. From Salt Lake City Weekly:

“OK, it’s really important you don’t talk too much,” said my barber, John, as he cranked back the chair. He peeled off the hot towel and brushed on a soapy lather. It was difficult to shut up because we were in a deep discussion about trendy celebrity trims people ask for.

“Question, do people still request the Clooney?” I asked.

“No, not really. But I get a lot of requests for the Deron Williams fade.”

Utah bros, come on. Let me rap about haircuts to you for just a little bit.

Don’t do it.

Get the Clooney. Get the Gosling. Get the Lynch. Get the Webster. Get the James Johnson if you want. Just don’t get the Deron Williams. For your own sake.

It’s your hair and it’s a free country and you can do what you want with your locks, so do it if you really, really want to. I’m not trying to be a haircut dictator about this. I’m just saying that maybe the Deron Williams isn’t the best choice. For anyone, Deron Williams included. There are so many options out there. Get a Dee Brown, Roger Powell or Warren Carter if you want to keep the whole 2005 Illini vibe alive. Get a Boozer, Kirilenko or Sloan if you want to rep the Jazz. Explore the follicular possibilities.

Or just get the Deron Williams. Whatever. It’s your call. Just be prepared for people to joke about your hair on Twitter all the time. That’s the trade-off. You decide if it’s worth it.

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  1. I just lost a lot of respect for Utah. The Deron Williams has got to be in the top five of the Wost NBA Haircuts Hall of Fame. There is no excuse for anyone having that, ever.

  2. I just realized that I seriously rock the Deron Williams All the time and I never noticed it. I’ll even upload a pic…. lol.

    I’m fresh from the barber shop yesterday…

  3. I just lost respect for Nate for losing respect for Utahns for having respect for the Deron Williams. C’mon Nate, everyone knows “to each his own”

  4. I just lost respect for Tracy for losing respectr for Nate for losing respect for Utahns for having respect for the Deron Williams. C’mon Tracy, everyone knows “to each his own

  5. Man, i wish i had that hairline

  6. Deron looked like he was balding up until this year.

  7. Are you guys serious?!! You’ve never heard of a TAPER? Because thats the haircut Deron has.. and its a danm good taper at that. I would know.. I am a barber

  8. you guys must be out of ur mind deron has the best haircut in the whole nba

  9. It’s called a taper, I like it! Nothing wrong with it!! Maybe the barber just isn’t confident doing it, so knocks it! But deron Williams rocks the taper very well!

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